What "human" rights should AI have? Recognition as an inventor? Responsibility for its mistakes?
Given fake news/images/books, deepfake videos... How do you know you aren't living in a fake world?
How soon do you think you will encounter an autonomous robot in your day-to-day life?
As we become more connected to the digital world ... Are you becoming concerned about being hacked?
Are there any smart home technologies that will save me money?
Deepfakes are becoming even more realistic. Are they a danger to world peace?
Will robots ever be able to play musical instruments with "an expert's touch"?
Have we underestimated the awesome impact of IEEE Standards?
Have you ever had a social media post mysteriously rejected?
How do you feel about sharing the highway with autonomous cars and trucks?
Do you have a tech prediction for 2022?
Would inclusion of more humanities grads in tech projects reduce their biases?
APEC 2022 Plenary Session Live Stream
What percentage of Twitter users are bots? Do you care?
Will hearing aids ever be as effective as corrective eyewear? When? What breakthrough is needed?
Is your healthcare data sufficiently private? If not, what should be done?
IEEE Day 2022 - Badge Challenge Announcement - Begins 03 October!
Interacting with technology changes our behavior? How has it changed your behavior?
Facial recognition may cause you to be accused of wrongdoing. How can you protect yourself?
Would a heat pump be a good idea for my home? How would it impact global warming?
What sci-fi movie had the best prediction of the future?
What is your opinion of the US's new student debt forgiveness program?
Algorithms can now mimic any artist. If you were an artist, how would you feel about this?
Has automation lived up to its promise on jobs?
We encourage people to be philanthropic. Should we try to infuse AI with a sense of philanthropy?
We often hope for peace during the holidays. Is technology supporting that hope or impeding it?
Tests of a planet cooling scheme could begin soon. Do their benefits outweigh their dangers?
What are today's human/technology interactions teaching us about the brain?
Would solar panels now be beneficial for my house?
What should the tech industry do to be more LGBTQ inclusive? What should IEEE do?
What is your favorite movie about humanoid robots? Why?
Rhode Island mandates 100% renewable electricity by 2033. Is that realistic for your state?
Many teachers are considering leaving the profession. Is this also true of University professors?
Automobile fuel efficiency is increasing. How high can it go?
How often do you use your engineering skills to improve or better maintain your home?
Have you ever developed a technology that initially appeared to fail - and then became successful?
Is AI sentient? Will it ever be? Join the debate.
We have worked in-office, at home, and at both. How do you like your current work location(s)?
Seeking Candidates!
Tenure Track Assistant Professor Position
How has technology enhanced your holiday celebrations?
People can find you by analyzing your DNA. Do you care about your loss of privacy?
Would you use a computer if its results were not 100% accurate?
What tech will be important to success of the metaverse? AI, VR, AR, 5G, supercomputing, other?
Would you rather use a chatbot than browse a website? Do they understand your needs?
Will you "invest" in crypto? Or do you consider it just too risky?
Is new technology making us more productive? Some say no. Do you disagree?
Elon Musk's takeoverb of Twitter is in jeopardy. Do you care? Why?
Roundtable on Sustainable Manufacturing on 28 June. Details included here!
Keep the conversation going - 2022 WIE International Leadership Conference
Has global warming affected your summer vacation?
Researcher tells AI to write a paper about itself, then submits for publication. Who's the author?
Is your social media influencer young, and physically appealing? or a deceptive avatar?
Should developing technologies that discriminate against racial minorities be an ethics violation?
When will an Electric Vehicle (EV) win its first Formula One race?