Given fake news/images/books, deepfake videos... How do you know you aren't living in a fake world?
How soon do you think you will encounter an autonomous robot in your day-to-day life?
As we become more connected to the digital world ... Are you becoming concerned about being hacked?
Have we underestimated the awesome impact of IEEE Standards?
Have you ever had a social media post mysteriously rejected?
How do you feel about sharing the highway with autonomous cars and trucks?
Are there any smart home technologies that will save me money?
Deepfakes are becoming even more realistic. Are they a danger to world peace?
Will robots ever be able to play musical instruments with "an expert's touch"?
Happy IEEE Day 2022 - Lots of activities including the Badge Challenge!
Most social media content moderation relies on AI. Why is this such a challenging application?
What robotic musician would you most like to add to your musical group?
What "human" rights should AI have? Recognition as an inventor? Responsibility for its mistakes?
What will be the biggest change in power generation in the next ten years?
How much capability do current carbon sequestration technologies possess?
How advancements in battery tech drive electric transportation and more
What tech, to aid the physically impaired, will make the greatest impact in the next five years?
A study avers that ChatGPT has a political bias. How will this affect your use of it?
If an app you use is breached, would you feel responsibility for your data being hacked?
How much of Nicholas Cage do you expect in a Nicholas Cage movie?
AI Is Telling Bedtime Stories to Kids. Would you let your kids listen?
For many years the slide rule was a vital tool for engineers. Do you still have one? Why?
Do you have a tech prediction for 2022?
Would inclusion of more humanities grads in tech projects reduce their biases?
APEC 2022 Plenary Session Live Stream
What percentage of Twitter users are bots? Do you care?
Will hearing aids ever be as effective as corrective eyewear? When? What breakthrough is needed?
Is your healthcare data sufficiently private? If not, what should be done?
IEEE Day 2022 - Badge Challenge Announcement - Begins 03 October!
Earn your engineering management master’s online - Penn State Online Master's Program
What is the best way to reuse discontinued coal power plants?
Considering a gift robot for the holidays? What kind might you consider?
If you use a chatbot to help write a technical article, how should you acknowledge it? Why?
How Will Chatbots Change Education? What is the biggest change you envision?
What do you think the metaverse is?
Should development of advanced AI be paused so its risks can be properly studied? Why or why not?
Driverless car research has given us many driver-assist technologies. Which is your favorite?
Have we underestimated just how good generative AI art can be?
How precisely will AI and fMRI be able to read your thoughts?
Would you take financial advice from AI? Why?
Happy with the amount of climate change ed in public school curricula? Want more of less? Why?
IEEE Day is here - 03 October!
Is the Internet less fun than ten years ago? If so, why?
What IEEE-Foundation-supported activity would you most like to see better supported?
Given the impact of generative AI, where will the entertainment industry be in five years?
Has the new Beatles song changed your opinion of AI?
University looking to hire assistant professors - Software Engineering!
Algorithms can now mimic any artist. If you were an artist, how would you feel about this?
Has the FTX collapse changed your view of the future of cryptocurrencies?
What is your opinion of the US's new student debt forgiveness program?
How do you judge the trustworthiness of content on the internet?
What does it mean to be transhuman?
What must your child learn about artificial intelligence, at college, to have a productive career
How do you feel about the new AI-generated "Beatles Song"?
Will the use of chatbots make us better writers or worse? Why?
Interacting with technology changes our behavior? How has it changed your behavior?
Facial recognition may cause you to be accused of wrongdoing. How can you protect yourself?
Would a heat pump be a good idea for my home? How would it impact global warming?
What sci-fi movie had the best prediction of the future?
In your opinion - what qualifies as "superintelligent AI"?
Leveraging Big Data for Advance Simulations
Would you pay to see a movie that uses AI writers and AI actors?
Use of AI Is Seeping Into Academic Journals. How big a problem is this?
How successful will "longevity biotechnology" efforts be in extending human lifespan?
When should it be legal to revive the deceased with AI?
New Iconography for IEEE Collabratec including special recognition for IEEE Volunteers*!
How will you be doing financial transactions ten years from now?
2024 IEEE Past President Saifur Rahman represented IEEE at COP28
Do we need a major overhaul of copyright laws to accommodate generative AI apps such as ChatGPT?
Nearly half of companies to eliminate bachelor degree requirements. Is this a trend? If so, why?
Has automation lived up to its promise on jobs?
We encourage people to be philanthropic. Should we try to infuse AI with a sense of philanthropy?
We often hope for peace during the holidays. Is technology supporting that hope or impeding it?
Tests of a planet cooling scheme could begin soon. Do their benefits outweigh their dangers?
Would solar panels now be beneficial for my house?
What are today's human/technology interactions teaching us about the brain?
Have you ever developed a technology that initially appeared to fail - and then became successful?
Is AI sentient? Will it ever be? Join the debate.
We have worked in-office, at home, and at both. How do you like your current work location(s)?
Rhode Island mandates 100% renewable electricity by 2033. Is that realistic for your state?
Many teachers are considering leaving the profession. Is this also true of University professors?
What will be the top tech story of 2023?
What is technology's best failure? (yes, you read that correct, failure!)
How often do you use your engineering skills to improve or better maintain your home?
Automobile fuel efficiency is increasing. How high can it go?
What should the tech industry do to be more LGBTQ inclusive? What should IEEE do?
What is your favorite movie about humanoid robots? Why?
Where would space exploration be without the invention of the transistor?
How long will it be until we have a green passenger airplane?
IEEE Day 2022 Poll - We want to hear from you!
Algorithms largely run many cities. Does your city have too much or too little automation?
Did you know: Any user can create a minutes? Create one today!
Twitter labeled BBC, PBS as ‘government-funded media.’ Is that fair and accurate?
In an AI age, how can I distinguish my coding skills?
When will robots triumph over world cup winners? Why will it take that long?
Is OpenAI's use of copyrighted material legal? Should it be?
A "Godfather of AI" called for an org to defend humanity from AI. Could that/should that be IEEE?
Has science fiction become too influential in setting tech directions?
What are the top tech trends you'll be watching in 2024 and beyond?
What are your concerns or excitement around generative AI?