Is OpenAI's use of copyrighted material legal? Should it be?
A "Godfather of AI" called for an org to defend humanity from AI. Could that/should that be IEEE?
Has science fiction become too influential in setting tech directions?
What are the top tech trends you'll be watching in 2024 and beyond?
What are your concerns or excitement around generative AI?
Should we blame the app or blame the user for AI app failures?
Is encouraging STEM majors a good - or bad - idea?
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Tenure Track Assistant Professor Position
How has technology enhanced your holiday celebrations?
People can find you by analyzing your DNA. Do you care about your loss of privacy?
Would you use a computer if its results were not 100% accurate?
What tech will be important to success of the metaverse? AI, VR, AR, 5G, supercomputing, other?
What technology most needs better government regulation?
What personality would you want your chatbot to have?
What do you think was the top tech story of 2022?
Has global warming affected your summer vacation?
Researcher tells AI to write a paper about itself, then submits for publication. Who's the author?
Is your social media influencer young, and physically appealing? or a deceptive avatar?
Should developing technologies that discriminate against racial minorities be an ethics violation?
When will an Electric Vehicle (EV) win its first Formula One race?
Robots are cheaper and more reliable than humans. Why are they not winning in the job market?
How many people do you think are fooled by the deepfake of President Biden singing Baby Shark?
Will you "invest" in crypto? Or do you consider it just too risky?
Is new technology making us more productive? Some say no. Do you disagree?
Elon Musk's takeoverb of Twitter is in jeopardy. Do you care? Why?
Roundtable on Sustainable Manufacturing on 28 June. Details included here!
Keep the conversation going - 2022 WIE International Leadership Conference
Is it a national security concern if a foreign government knows a lot about your citizens?
Would you let your child use a chatbot? Within what set of circumstances?
Which generative AI application poses the greatest concern? Why?
If I used generative AI to help write an article, have I violated copyright law?
Today's AV technology is astounding. Do you still want to visit museums? Why?
Can you tell when you're talking to a chatbot? How?
How bad would it be if GPS temporarily failed and there was no ready substitute?
How will it be until the majority of new cars sold will be electric vehicles? Why?
When will we see common consumer use of Virtual Reality(VR) devices? Why?
If art is how we express our humanity, where does AI fit in?
Would you rather use a chatbot than browse a website? Do they understand your needs?
Are we more lonely than ten years ago because of the greater presence of technology in our lives?
Solar and wind to top coal in US in 2024. How good is this news?/
On MLK Jr Day in the US, we celebrate volunteerism and his connection to Mahatma Gandhi!
Should we prevent explicit deepfakes from appearing on social media? How?
Would you like to see patent protection changed? How?
Should your children's teachers be able to use AI to grade student work?