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Deepfakes are becoming even more realistic. Are they a danger to world peace?

Recently, an IEEE Spectrum article described some the dangers of deepfakes pose as did a video featuring the director James Cameron. The Spectrum article highlights 6 worst-case scenarios. I won't go into all of them, but two of them had me thinking:
  1. Fiction defining our reality and leading to decisions based on false information
  2. End of privacy and free will through the production of unlimited data about ourselves others can leverage

What are you thoughts on the dangers of deepfakes? How do we protect ourselves, information, or humanity?

Are they a danger to world peace?

  • Yes, there are people who have the resources to produce convincing depfakes who would be willing to jeopardize world peace for personal profit.
  • No, people are too smart to be fooled by deepfakes
  • No, people with significant resources are too afraid of the adverse reactions to being caught doing this.


Director James Cameron on the dangers of deepfakes