Will robots ever be able to play musical instruments with "an expert's touch"?

I recently saw a video of a home-made guitar-playing robot. It was very impressive, even though the sound may have been a bit mechanical. Many of the music world's top ears believe the best musicians play instruments with "an expert's touch."
Will robots be able to play musical instruments with "an expert's touch"?  Is a top-flight robotic orchestra in our future?
  • No, The best musicians play with human feeling for the emotion of the piece. Robots will never be able to replicate this.
  • Yes. Robots will gain the dexterity and expertise to develop an expert's touch.  The question is not if, but when.
  • No, The subtleties of "expert touch" are beyond our understanding and well beyond the understanding of robots.
  • Yes. Someday, AI-powered robots will populate the best orchestras in the world.