We often hope for peace during the holidays. Is technology supporting that hope or impeding it?

The evidence on that question is mixed. It can be argued that tech has improved healthcare, education, and communication.  But it can also be argued that tech has promoted misinformation and decision bias - and it has disproportionately benefited the economically fortunate.
  1. What technology do you think has supported peace? What future technology do you think could support peace?
  2. Are you working on any technology that could improve healthcare or education you would like to share?
  3. What do you think?
  • Technology has benefited us all in many ways - and this has enhanced global peace. 
  • Technology serves economic interests that favor the economically advantaged. But while it favors some, it benefits us all.
  • Technology is just a tool. It serves both those who promote peace and those who promote self-interest at the cost of peace.  It is neutral.
  • Technology has inspired an era of misinformation that has moved us further from global peace.
 Propaganda-as-a-service may be on the horizon if large language models are abused