As we become more connected to the digital world ... Are you becoming concerned about being hacked?

We humans are becoming more and more tightly connected to the digital world. Not just with social media, but with augmented reality glasses, intelligent hearing aids, EEG caps, and implants.  A recent post warned that "human beings are going to start getting hacked" and "companies want to "increasingly manipulate you.

  1. What are you doing to protect yourself?
  2. What technology is available or, perhaps you are working on research, that can protect humans from being hacked?
  3. Are you becoming more concerned about your personhood being hacked? 
  • No, this is nothing new - just a progression of technology.
  • Yes, it causes me to more carefully consider whether to use integrative technologies
  • Yes, this is an increasing threat. I wonder how my children will be able to manage it - and how I should help. 
  • Yes, I am more concerned about this every day.