How has technology enhanced your holiday celebrations?

While we don't think of technology as being central to our holiday celebrations, IEEE Spectrum reminded us of its relevance in  When They Electrified Christmas. Indeed, seeing the local holiday lights enhances my family's holiday joy. 
  1. What are some "hot tech" items on your or your family member's "wish list"?
  2. How has technology made this holiday season easier or harder?
  3. What are some of the ways in which technology has enhanced your holiday celebrations?
  1. The annual holiday lights are an important part of my holiday joy.
  2. Video calls with my remote family and friends are vital to my holiday celebrations.
  3. I have a favorite holiday movie that was made possible by computer graphics.
  4. My favorite holiday foods would take forever without our microwave/blender/convection oven.
  5. I look forward to sending gifts to my remote family - made possible by on-line shopping.
  6. An annual video-game match, with a sibling, is a vital part of my holidays.
  7. I have a child who just loves a tech toy.