Meet Technology Professionals

Join and Participate in Communities

Communities bring together like-minded professionals around exciting topics of technical interest, affinity, or geographic location. Inside a community you can ask questions, share expertise, or debate hot topics as well as discover conferences or meetings taking place around the globe or in a town near by.


Stay up-to-date with the latest technical topics including 5G, Smart Cities, Internet of Things, Entrepreneurship, and more.


Discover and share what is happening locally by joining a community focused on your city or region with communities ranging from Asia/Pacific to London to Uganda and more.

Special Interests

Celebrate IEEE's diversity by joining communities for Young Professionals, IEEE Day, Global Student Exchange, Women in Leadership, and more.

Embrace Opportunities

Work Together in Workspaces

Create, organize, share, and collaborate virtually on projects or articles by creating a workspace where you have the option to invite selected individuals or allow anyone to discover and join.

Virtual Workspace

Create a shared library by uploading files, create and manage a to do list, and have real-time discussions with others in your workspace.


Move your article or project forward with others in your in workspace when you create, share, and collaborate on files using Microsoft Office, Google Docs, or Overleaf.

Manage Your Library

Create an easy-to-manage library by accessing online tools to search, store, and cite documents for your research all in one place.

Bring Research Together

Use attached services such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, or Box to store and access files in one place.

Organize Files

Tag content, create bibliographies, flag for review, create research collections and manage metadata in a personal library.

Search and Save Literature

Conduct a literature search including in IEEE Xplore, and save relevant results to your library.

Discover IEEE Events

IEEE organizes thousands of conferences and meetings on a wide range of technical topics. Find and sort through IEEE events and activities around the globe or in a town nearby.