Are you an entrepreneur who wants to change the world and win up to $40K in seed funding?
What would you do with a third arm? Would you want to be augmented with robotic limbs?
IEEE Collabratec launched 2 years ago! What are your favorite features? What would you like to see next?
Which sensors would be best used to digitalize a garden? Particularly to measure ph levels, humidity, temperature, and nitrogen levels in the water?
What recent technology has revolutionized modern computing?
How does the iPhone X's facial recognition technology affect CyberEthics? What are YOUR thoughts?
In the LPV toolbox my model is giving a inner dimension matrix error for Lpvsyn when used in Matlab need help to figure out the problem?
Do you have a colleague worthy of an IEEE Computer Society Major Award? Why don't you nominate that colleague? The link has “how to” information.
How to indentify reliable battery manufacturers around the world?
Computer Science Doctoral Dissertation Survey
Do you have a colleague worthy of an IEEE Computer Society Major Award? Why don't you nomintate that colleague?
How do we know the particular wavelength, to pump ring resonator, if we are using Si material
BIM and AGILE Methodology for project management?
What are the benefits of 3D printed bones vs traditional implants/prosthetics?
Is there any for fatigue and not for sleep (I.e. karolinska sleeping scale KSS or Epworth Sleepiness Scale ESS?
Is 900MHz wireless legal in the UK, and do I need a license, please?
Traffic Data
Traffic Data Source
What guidance would you give a first-time reviewer?
Terrorism affects countries around the world, what role can Big Data play in helping thwart terrorism? What about other technologies?
Equifax data breach, will your personal data ever be safe?
Will tissue nanotransfection be successful in humans? Will synthetic DNA cause unintended repercussions?
Would you like to utilize a 5G Testbed?
Is magneto-thermal genetics a good option for brain hacking? What are the risks?
have you read this week's IEEE Global Internet Policy Monitor?
Is society more accepting of cyborg technology that restores rather than enhances human function?
In what ways do the needs of entrepreneurs vary by region?
What are some steps that can be taken to ensure elections are both secure and verifiable?
What tactical steps can IEEE take to increase diversity in engineering?
How do you think AI will impact the lives of children in our future?
How can TAB leadership work with other IEEE organizational units to create sustainable initiatives and build technical communities?
Is Amazon's Alexa developed enough to be used in voice-controlled exoskeletons?
What are the best methods to determine the viability of an investment in a distribution system?
What is a policy for book writing?
What is exact policy for an extended paper to publish in a journal and conference?
How is Europe responding and handling CyberSecurity attacks? What do you think needs to be done?
Autonomous systems and interaction with the brain, are these things to come?
Should social responsibility be a part of the net neutrality debate?
Have you read this week's IEEE Global Internet Policy Monitor?
Where can I download Ethereum’s Solidity software?
Dear all could I have your help to answer this poll? please consider that this is for my homework Cordial regards
Which RTOS is best suited for ARM cortex M4 based IOT Node devices ? - RIOT, Contiki, FreeRTOS. Needs to be easy to teach / learn.
Are technologies like IoT and prosthetics leading us to transhumanism?
What advice would you give new conference attendees?
IEEE WIE Member Benefits Video Contest
Anyone know about rules or regulations in the creation and design of exoskeletons?
What surprised you the most about what IEEE Collabratec can do to help you with your IEEE volunteer work?
Smart government
Smart government?
i want to start research about 5g, please guide me what i do first ?
Experiment for bringing down PV module cell temperature
Have you read this week's IEEE Global Internet Policy Monitor?
Is there any element that is charge dependent? (The element's states/characteristics should vary with charge)
Resources for teaching a unit on transhumanism / posthumanism in K-12?
What has been your favorite session at Sections Congress on Saturday?
With ignite sessions ranging from entrepreneurship and humanitarian to vTools and ethics, what ignite sessions are you most excited to hear?
Will human chip implants become the norm?
Has Industry rushed headlong into IoT without first considering cybersecurity issues?
How will 5G technology affect smartphones and wearables? Or is 5G overhyped?
How can small and medium companies drowning in data use technology better?
What are your thoughts on blockchain technology and its implementation for international and domestic transactions using cryptocurrency?
What advice would you give an entrepreneur launching an app to a niche community?
What contemporary technologies are you most optimistic about as an entrepreneur? Why?
The prolifieration of the term "fake news" has taken on a life of its in social media. Can AI help detect fake news?
How to left-align the title and authors for Communication type of paper in Transactions on AP?
Is there someone with experience with the px4 pixhawk flight controller?
Many people say research in core electrical and electronics engineering is dying or almost dead. Is it true?
As an engineer and entrepreneur, what are some products or services you envision as a result of quantum computers?
Cable Inductance Under DC Fault
How can disparate Health Informatics Standardization (HIS) designs best be integrated?
Have you used Microsoft Intelligent Services?
Have you read this week's IEEE Global Internet Policy Monitor?
Anyone looking for help designing loudspeakers or other audio equipment?
Are you receiving too many IEEE Collabratec notifications? Or perhaps not enough?
What can Forensics offer in terms of security for IoT?
Do you have a handle on the intricacies of how Encryption works?
Is the Multistakeholder Internet Governance Model exemplary of Inter-Governance Initiatives?
How can disparate Health Informatics Standardization (HIS) designs best be integrated?
Machine Learning
Do we need to re-examine our statistical models?
How is IEEE an integral part of your life?
How is IEEE an integral part of your life?
As IoT evolves, what does the future hold for energy-efficient memory technologies?
Central European Companies for Case Study in Intellectual Property Strategies
Looking for participants (SMEs) for a project on intellectual property proteciton
Please help on estimating voltage, current, torque when the stator winding's are open and shorted in PM machine operated by an prime mover
What do you think about Pakistan being the first country to test 5G technology?
Have you read this week's IEEE Global Internet Policy Monitor?
I need help in designing a device that will help disabled people balance.