NDN in Connected Vehicles ?
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Is your research ready to be written and published? How do you know?
Is anyone interested in building an application to track progress of civil construction projects?
Does anyone in the construction industry know of an online application/program used to monitor progress.
How to prove an intuitive solution (framework) with results for any issue in IoT with Hierarchical Cloud (Edge Comp
Suggest Universities/Professors in USA working on IoT-Cloud !
Emergency Light Circuit Design
Forget cyberattacks, is bioengineering the next biggest threat?
Had any one had experience with https://walabot.com ?
Have you read this week's IEEE Global Internet Policy Monitor?
Small island in USA shifts 2000 households to wind powered electricity. What does the future of energy look like?
Is 3-D printing the solution to infertility?
Can any one suggest best electrical engineering softwares that can be used for free
How will 5G impact vehicular technology? Find out more in our latest IEEE Talks 5G article with James Irvine.
Do you have any topics or questions you would like Bozenna Pasik-Duncan to cover at the 2017 IEEE WIE conference?
Is ransomware the next hot research topic?
WannaCry ransomware...your thoughts on effects, challenges, ethics around preventing or addressing latest attack?
Is there a definite position of IEEE about uploading articles in scientific communities such as ResearchGate?
Is there a standard for robot error/event conditions?
Is it permissable to make inquiry for a paper before the experiments are performed and collaborators are selected?
How good are your programming skills?
Would Airbnb be a postive addition to Latin America?
Do you think this new technology could dramatically shorten diagnosis time of stroke patients?
What was your favorite course while earning your degree?
How do you pick the baselines for your experiments?
How do you handle a new research collaborator?
Do you agree with the ruling by European court aide that Uber is a transport compay?
Examples of using data lakes for political campaigns
This is the method I intend to try for drug potency paper. Wondering if anyone has seen this methods before? http://www.donniebryson.com/?p=47
Have you read this week's IEEE Global Internet Policy Monitor?
How can engineering reduce the growth of antibiotic/antimicrobial resistance?
Innovative ideas don't always mean a successful business. How do you validate your idea? How do you secure funding?
How do someone who speaks any language other than English write programs in C, C++, or Java?
What can be the simple applications of Artificial Neural Network? And, what are the simple problem domains in ANN?
When a child is born, how does he/she program his/her brain during infancy?
How can one identify duplicate references in bibliography?
What are the ethical considerations around the recent Google Doc scam? What can companies do to thwart such scams?
What do you think of Facebook F8's recent announcement on building a BCI that will let you type with just your mind
Did you know that Africa has the lowest per capita electricity consumption in the world?
What other concerns might network operators have regarding 5G deployment?
How does source code play into development of algorithmic decision making? What factors should be considered?
May the 4th be with you! How has Star Wars borrowed or inspired technology? What is your favorite SW technology?
Regarding chage of my primary address at IEEE and its effect on my submitted paper on manuscript central.
How do you preserve your data?
How can IEEE better serve the global Life Sciences technical community? 
Have you read ths week's Global Internet Policy Monitor?
In what ways do the needs of entrepreneurs vary by region?
How can Technical Activities most effectively engage young professionals?
What should be the first step engineers take when considering a humanitarian project?
In which upcoming technical areas should IEEE establish itself as a thought leader? How?
What's the biggest challenge preventing integration of fully autonomous vehicles? How do we overcome the challenge?
hii Any one can tell about the Future Market of internet of things(IOTs).
Are you interested in standards around the ethical considerations regarding AI and autonomous systems?
How to load and work with CIFAR_10 dataset for classication in python?
How many neurons fire together in human brain for a particular task for best results?
How can technology help to eliminate bias in the hiring process?
How does the new(?) TAG pulldown work?
Will Big Data help the fight against Leukemia?
Traveling in Career
hii guys iam a research scholar and i wanted to do research in smart grids,dc grid,and solar power.
hii guyys i am a research scholar and i wanted to know that what are the research still needed in solar power
What is the future of Moore's Law? What are next gen alternatives for computing? Cyrogenic? Quantum? Other ideas?
Do you have any topics or questions you would like Natalia Balitskaya to cover at the 2017 IEEE WIE conference?
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What impact do you think these new hybrid-electric airplanes will have?
Will the use of nanoprobes to rapidly isolate extracellular vesicles successfully diagnosis and treat cancer?
How to design a Pre and Post assessment questions for serious game ?
Can anyone suggest me an idea for a small JAVA/C# app for Automata theory project?
Hi everyone! I would like to start my research on charge varying attenuation concept. How can I access past publications to improvise my body of work?
Research Integrity Advisory Board: what do you think of this proposal?
Does anyone remember this iPad?
Want to learn more about 5G Technology from the experts? Remote access registration is now available!
Is life cycle assessment vital to life science? what current initiatives supporting sustainability in life science researches.
EEE-HKN Eta Kappa Nu Presents the first issue of THE BRIDGE 2017
Do you think the engineers get their due share of credit as compared to medical doctors?
What are the best technologies cities can use to become smarter? IoT? VR? Big Data? How do cities keep data safe?
Would you be interested in being able to access a searchable directory of entrepreneur resources/products/services?
Dear all,Can someone help me to find contacts with companies and partners working in smart parking innovation in US?Best regards
Who would I ask about streaming the Webinar on the State of Women in Computing in a conference room at work?
Can I know how can we connect two NFC devices?? And can we do these using Bluetooth also.if possible can anyone let me knowThanks in advance
New Collabratec Format
What is the new algorithm used in NLP to learn new language and communication with human?
What are the next steps towards providing Universal Internet Access?
What are your thoughts on this week's Internet policy developments?
With Verizon starting to test 5G in 11 cities, what will the world of 5G look like?
How to define a "Thing" in the Internet of Things?
What are some of the most interesting topics in neuroscience right now?
The WIE Conference is coming up in less than 2 months, Is this your first time attending?
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