how will the distributed generation and smart grid affect the future .? does it have a demerit ..?
Are you interested in authoring an article for the IEEE Internet Policy Newsletter?
How can technology policy designers address the urgent concerns of designing optimized security policies for 5G systems?
What books, podcasts, or guru do you follow to keep up-to-date and inspired in your entrepreneurial ventures? What would you recommend a budding entrepreneur read or follow?
How to get a post-doctoral opportunity in USA ?
How IOT , Artificial Intelligence and deep learning can work together?
What technology do you think has the most potential for entrepreneurs in the next 5 years?
Have you read the latest IEEE Global Internet Policy Monitor?
Have you read the latest IEEE Global Internet Policy Monitor?
Watch Spain vs Portugal Live Stream Free Online TV Coverage
What incentives/benefits do you find valuable being part of the IEEE or your Student Branch?
How the spreading factor(overalap factor) in FBMC impacts the performance of the system and except complexity do we have any disadvantage
What is the impact of spreading factor on FBMC prototype filter
Did Avengers Infinity War take CGI to the next level? What's next for computer animation?
Want to know about 802.11ac
How can I build a career in electronics related fields that are closely associated with material science ?
About finding new members in IEEE OU analytics.
Can I add code to a paper that already have been published in IEEE Xplore?
How can i get someinfo about semiconductor materials supplychain Top 10 companies‘Ranking?
Why are 5G technologies intended to be used in autonomous vehicles?
Which software will plot generator functions for NERC PRC-026-01 requirements?
What are the benefits of membership for someone that is not in academia?
Are there any conferences coming up for which we can apply for funding help?
How smart city integrated with SDN, NFV and IOT ? Which application is suitable and it's work for ?
I'm looking for a user friendly software program which can plot generator protective functions 50, 78, 40
Have you read the latest IEEE Global Internet Policy Monitor?
Have you read the latest IEEE Global Internet Policy Monitor?
Should underlying data or code be part of peer review?
How. Can I get Wapi
Will disrupt the blockchain gaine ecosystem?
Have you signed up for the Statistics and Data Science for a Cyber Secure Internet of Things symposium?
Hello, does anyone know someone with knowledge or experience concerning the use of DNA as a storage device? I know an IEEE student member who is looking for an advisor on this subject. Please let me know if you have any suggestions for her.
What recent technology has revolutionized modern computing?
How will the EU's GDPR affect Social Media?
GDPR and welcome messages.
Which universities do you recall with a master's program in power distribution?
To your opinion, what are the best case studies of Smart grid projects across the world?
Have you read the latest IEEE Global Internet Policy Monitor?
Can someone please help me finding answer or a proper resource person for this..I want to know how a I can convert a camera into QR code scanner. It should not only scan the data but also be able to compare the data with the stored data.
What major shifts must occur in order for 5G to be successful?
Dear members, I am new to blockchain world and excited to do research works on it can you guide me what are the challenges in the field..
Are detailed comments in source code useful?
Want to be part of the Low Power Image Recognition Challenge?
Sir my question is that how to trace the Electrical energy throughout the gps
Have you read the latest IEEE Global Internet Policy Monitor?
What's most important for a new author to know?
Publish an Article
Submitted your paper to ICRC 2018?
Publish an article
What is embedded software?
Could Blockchain technology be a solution to keeping your medical records secure in the cloud?
How will the merger of Sprint and T-Mobile affect the development and rollout of 5G?
How can smart and connected communities leverage IoT technology?
How can we address students' academic misconduct?
How can ethics and policy address the vices of technology-enabled social engineering?
What can we learn from Stephen Hawking about communicating science?
Upon the death of Stephen Hawking, what are his greatest contributions to both science and life?
Who do I communicate with regarding members not receiving the Privacy Notice?
Have you read the latest IEEE Global Internet Policy Monitor?
Have you used the mentoring features on IEEE Collabratec? Did you know there was an IEEE Mentoring Program?
Suggestions for Pilot Cities for Location Based Harsh Braking Clustering?
What are some examples of algorithmic decision-making gone wrong and what can be done to prevent future missteps?
As an aspiring or successful entrepreneur, what resources and advice would you like?
With Facebook set to follow GDPR rules globally, what do you think is the future of data and digital privacy rights?
Between EUGDPR and Cambridge Analytica, how can technology protect data privacy?
Can anyone provide me with some good topics for a university level debate based on Artificial Intelligence?
Are AI-powered cloud platforms the solution we've been waiting for to have the AI revolution really begin?
What does the future of social media look like following Zuckerberg's testimony to US Congress?
Is 900MHz wireless legal in the UK, and do I need a license, please?
Is there any android API which I can use to find the free Bluetooth channels
As the world’s leading technical standards organization, how can IEEE, now increasingly addressing policy issues in technology, assist in developing standardized medical device governance?
Is there any Image based ECG analyser available in the market?
Where is augmented and digital reality heading?
Would a global cyber ethics commission turn the tide on all the data breaches and "fake news"? Is the problem (and solution) technology or policy?
How do you use your library?
Would you be so kind as to share your thoughts/ideas on how to develope membership in a Section or Subsection?
What topics would you like to discuss in the Power & Energy community?
Have you read the latest IEEE Global Internet Policy Monitor?
What is reliability of data used monitoring systems in smart phones?
Will articles still be in PDF format in 10 years?
I have a interest in brain computing applications can someone suggest me how to get started .i mean i want to start learning from basics.?
Hadoop hive is not responding
Who is the more successful entrepreneur, Kirk or Picard? Why? How do you balance between the two?
What policy issues should a Post-Facebook Internet based "Public Square" address?
Google v Alexa? What does the future hold for AI software and smart assistants?
Is there anyone here working with robotics that can help me to identify Robotic Competitions related to IEEE?
What are some reputable string inverter manufacturers for a 50kW system
Looking for Authors! Can you submit a short article to the IEEE Internet Policy Newsletter??
How do I build my career into Microelectronics?
Is there a PhD program for fulltime working professionals?
Would love some recommendations for topics based on AI for a university level debate competition. Does anyone have any ideas?
How can internet technology policy assist the NGI process when it remains yet unclear how NGI can move from static to flexible policy management?