As VOLT Graduate, how do you think IEEE MGA Training Committee should be better utilizing the VOLT Alumni i.e. the graduates, as of now once you graduate from VOLT Program, the staff does gets back with survey but in your thoughts how better this connection can be translated.
If we can enhance roadways and traffic systems, what data do you think would be helpful for us to collect?
If we can enhance roadways and traffic systems, what data do you think would be helpful for us to collect?
Is there a good place to look for Proctors for IEEExtreme?
I am a new IEEE member and I need to know how to keep my self updated with my local section event updates. By the way, my local section is IEEE Sri Lanka Section.
Profile IEEE section information
Featured Question #2 (2nd in a series): What is your idea to accelerate entrance of women into STEM fields? And then what can we do to have them stay? Please provide your response in the area "Write your comment" below.
Featured Question #1 (1st in a series): In your opinion, why is women leadership in STEM fields lagging other industries? Please provide your response in the area "Write your comment" below.
Featured Question #4: View the video below. As women in STEM leaders, do you believe that women would leverage this technological breakthrough to change the world differently than men? Why?
Featured Question #3: Please identify one of the influential women of science below and describe how her work inspires you and benefits humanity? Scroll down through the Community to find the other two Featured Questions.
New IEEE Initiative [IEEE in Arabic]
How do I create a Community for Members of my IEEE Section?
Is it possible to travel through worm hole?
Can I startup a Battery Assembly Line?
Does anyone know what happened to all the data which was in IEEE Online Community repository?
Featured Question #1. Based on the cited statistics below, please add your comment in the Comment Field below (DO NOT SELECT "ANSWER")
Are there any breakthrough technology initiatives happening in the Windy City?
How to create or add a new event in to Events list in Collabratec platform ?
what are some project ideas in machine learning domian for my final year project ?
Technology growth in the Cambrian era?
What should I do as a electrical and electronics engineer to get jobs after my graduation What skills I need to develop in myself...
What are the key performance parameters for a battery power system for electric vehicles?
What is the criteria to join IEEE YP?
What are the precautions to be taken to fabricate and measure High power GaN FETs?
What is the correct power equation for a single-phase, 2-pole motor that is attached to 2-phases on the panel?
What is the procedure to measure high power output of a RF power amplifier using spectrum analyzer?
Every day, we’re seeing automation on the search engines, platforms and third-party tools. Should we be changing our marketing strategy to address this?
How to stream a live video on a android app using raspberry pi and picam
PPC professionals are having to get more and more comfortable with automation. What’s your comfort level with what’s out there right now in terms of AI and machine learning and its accuracy?
Blockchain and Quantum Computing
Blockchain vs hashgraph
Hey everyone, I'm currently doing a research project on blockchain development, I would like to know what are some of your biggest pain points with current blockchain SDK's?
How can your participation Certificate help you in future ?
I am currently pursuing Bachelor's in Electronics and communication and I am looking out to pursuing a Master's in Robotics. Are there any options available?
Alternate energy devices-what's taking it so long to go to market
How many of you participated IEEE Xtreme competition twice or more ? want to here your experience
Do IEEE conferences accept negative results to be published?
what are the main components in a battery based power system for an Electric vehicle ?
Home Automation in IoT is Secured or not ? can it be fully secured ?
About finding new members in IEEE OU analytics.
How can AI (Artificial Intelligence) techniques be used for making cyberethically compliant human whenever she/he deals with technology?
An MIT Professor Stated that The Hype of IoT will not exist after 2025 . Do you agree with him ?
The move for 5G is at a lightning speed, but some areas have still not experienced 3G. How can this gap be bridged
What are the different research directions in Edge computing?
When is the PES GM 2019 detailed agenda expected to become available?
Has any work been done on a form of IEEE 802.3 LPI for 802.11 APs?
Opinios needed for suitable image processing algorithm for 4GB 1050ti
Is it the correct approach to solve a jigsaw puzzle using Machine Learning techniques?
Query regarding Moment Generating Function
How to desposed properly e-waste
How do you keep track of articles you've read?
Which electrical assets health monitoring systems are most widely used in South America (by vendors or types of systems)?
Can I use an autotransformer (100MVA, 230/138/13.8KV) tertiary to connet a 20MVA generator, or it has to be a three winding transformer?
What's most important for a new author to know?
Professional seeking academic guidance
How to design a PI current controller with LCL filter for a three-phase inverter grid connected ?
Is anyone provide information about impact of charging stations at long distance using heavy batteries and low distance and optimal battery weight? is efficiency depend on distance between two station for EV?
Has any work been done on a form of IEEE 802.3 LPI for 802.11 APs?
how would a person with large synthetic replacement by received within the next 5 years?
How would a person with large synthetic replacement be received in the next 5 years?
Should grad students receive payment when they publish in international journals?
Has any work been done on a form of IEEE 802.3 LPI for 802.11 APs?
How much time it takes for the first response to accept the article, acceptance and not final publication
What is the way to control robotic arm?
Should writers use unexplained acronyms to make themselves appear to be smart in their field?
How to simulate radiation pattern of the antenna integrated with Power Amplifier?
I stumbled onto the "create folder" function, when I didn't need it. Now I can't find it. From my group home page, how do I get there?
Have you read the most popular articles of IEEE Tech Focus?
How can we do revenue model?
How can I join in the power and energy society and where to join from(website name)
hi everyone, is there any discussions on Lyapunov based control of hybrid wind/pv.
Can Microsoft "One Drive" be used as the file sharing software, under the "Drive" choice? "Tags" below desn't work becuse dark screen covers th typing.
Use "One Drive" for file sharing?
Can anyone guide me the about free cloud servers for the testing of cloud robotics.
About publication
Hello, I want to work on some projects based on robotics and IoT. Is there anyone who is interested to work and also publish few papers?
Where do I ask for Collabratec features?
Where can i check my membership expiry?
Is there a coherent measurement unit to gauge how good an AI system is and to compare different AI systems?
Is television signal a multi channel and multi dimensional signal or not?
Dependence of generator efficiency on age/ ruh hours?
Hello everyone I am working on RF Power Amplifier. I am integrating a microstrip patch antenna with the output of the Power amplifier (i.e the drain terminal of the FET). Can anybody tell me the best procedure to match the amplifier output impedance to the input impedance of the antenna?
Will AI prove to be an essential enabler of 5G?