With Facebook set to follow GDPR rules globally, what do you think is the future of data and digital privacy rights?
Are detailed comments in source code useful?
As an aspiring or successful entrepreneur, what resources and advice would you like?
Are AI-powered cloud platforms the solution we've been waiting for to have the AI revolution really begin?
What does the future of social media look like following Zuckerberg's testimony to US Congress?
Is 900MHz wireless legal in the UK, and do I need a license, please?
Is there any android API which I can use to find the free Bluetooth channels
Dear members, I am new to blockchain world and excited to do research works on it can you guide me what are the challenges in the field..
As the world’s leading technical standards organization, how can IEEE, now increasingly addressing policy issues in technology, assist in developing standardized medical device governance?
Is there any Image based ECG analyser available in the market?
Where is augmented and digital reality heading?
Would a global cyber ethics commission turn the tide on all the data breaches and "fake news"? Is the problem (and solution) technology or policy?
How do you use your library?
Would you be so kind as to share your thoughts/ideas on how to develope membership in a Section or Subsection?
What topics would you like to discuss in the Power & Energy community?
Have you read the latest IEEE Global Internet Policy Monitor?
What is reliability of data used monitoring systems in smart phones?
Will articles still be in PDF format in 10 years?
I have a interest in brain computing applications can someone suggest me how to get started .i mean i want to start learning from basics.?
Hadoop hive is not responding
Who is the more successful entrepreneur, Kirk or Picard? Why? How do you balance between the two?
What policy issues should a Post-Facebook Internet based "Public Square" address?
Between EUGDPR and Cambridge Analytica, how can technology protect data privacy?
Google v Alexa? What does the future hold for AI software and smart assistants?
Upon the death of Stephen Hawking, what are his greatest contributions to both science and life?
Can anyone provide me with some good topics for a university level debate based on Artificial Intelligence?
Is there anyone here working with robotics that can help me to identify Robotic Competitions related to IEEE?
What are some reputable string inverter manufacturers for a 50kW system
Looking for Authors! Can you submit a short article to the IEEE Internet Policy Newsletter??
How do I build my career into Microelectronics?
Is there a PhD program for fulltime working professionals?
Would love some recommendations for topics based on AI for a university level debate competition. Does anyone have any ideas?
How can internet technology policy assist the NGI process when it remains yet unclear how NGI can move from static to flexible policy management?
Do technical professional organizations have a place in the ever growing policy and technical complexities of Digital Forensics?
Have you read the latest IEEE Global Internet Policy Monitor?
Astronaut's DNA no longer matches twin's after a year in space - What implications does this have for Space Travel?
What applications will be the "killer app" for 5G?
What is an excellent Systems Requirements Management software tool for a small company?
What can we learn from Stephen Hawking about communicating science?
Any fresh ideas on workshops or events in the robotics and mechatronics field that can be conducted on a university level (undergrad) ? Besides the usual robowars and races?
What are the secrets to delivering a successful startup pitch?
Cordova, PhoneGap, Ionic, NativeScript... so many options What do you use for mobile app development? Why did you choose it?
Cordova, PhoneGap, Ionic, NativeScript... so many options What do you use for mobile app development? Why did you choose it?
want some help on brain computing systems
How can ethics and policy address the vices of technology-enabled social engineering?
Is Kali Linux the best OS for computer hackers?
There are some journals in Biological Sciences to publish negative results (failure experiments). Does anyone know any journal to publish negative results in the domain of Computer Science? Specifically in the sub-domain of pattern recognition and machine vision? I think it is good to publish negative results because many other researchers would know these and try something else instead of wasting time doing the same failure experiments.
What issues do you see in your line of work?
What's most important for a new author to know?
I am looking for good English proofreading services for one of my manuscript to be submitted to an IEEE Journal. Please suggest.
How can Smart Cities use GPS and AI to revolutionize their cities? What other technologies are converging to improve cities?
Have you read the latest IEEE Global Internet Policy Monitor?
How will the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) affect Big Data?
How do you conduct a literature review efficiently?
How can i detect an ambulance through digital image processing
Do we need artificial intelligence for shopping? Have you experienced AI in your shopping?
How to get RSSI values of the connected micaZ motes?
What are the Challenges in implementation of IPv6 for the Internet of Things
Can a few snippets of text and an algorithm working with AI create a movie or help witnesses reconstruct a crime?
Anyone who can please help me in RoF Optical communication?
What recent technology has revolutionized modern computing?
How can Smart Cars best Utilize Climate Control Systems?
Kenya is in the process of updating its Cyber Security laws. Citizens have up to 13th Feb to offer feedback. Based on your expertise in Internet Technology Policy, can you offer cybersecurity-based suggestions or amendments for inclusion?
How can I Verify and validate mHealth and medical apps using formal methods? Any Help
Any fresh ideas on workshops or events that can be conducted on a university level (undergrad) ? Besides the usual robowars and races?
Is there any kind of student grants regarding giveaway of machineries or resources?
Given the risks already identified in SDN networks, what are the security items that should be included in each level (infrastructure, control, and application) of this type of network?
What cyber and information security risks have already been identified for Software Defined Networking (SDN)?
What risks can be predicted in the future 5G partitioned networks? ------------------------------ RICARDO Oliveira Systems Auditor Rio de Janeiro City Hall -------
Does purchasing of cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, for example) easy or cheaper than mining of cryptocurrency?
How to interface eeprom Atmel at45db081 with stm32f407vg controller???
Have you read the latest IEEE Global Internet Policy Monitor?
How do we advocate for software independence in a society where we are encouraged to become increasingly dependent on software?
Is the Multistakeholder Internet Governance Model exemplary of Inter-Governance Initiatives?
Are videos useful in communicating technical research?
How do I start an IEEE student branch in my college?
Personal Blockchain
How can Blockchain technology improve security of IoT applications for healthcare, smart cities, healthcare, energy, supply chain and more?
Have you read the latest IEEE Global Internet Policy Monitor?
Celebrate Engineering Week by sharing your favorite engineering story -- a project you are proud of, a new idea you are working on...
Collabratec setting.
Are you interested in leading or authoring a deliverable for the Internet Technology Policy community?
What does the future hold for autonomous IoT? Benefits? Challenges? Best practices?
Is it possible to operate classical Boost Converter at high duties like 90�details=Theoretically, classical Boost Converter has a transfer ratio of (1/(1-D)). So making D about 0.9 results in ratio of 10. But is it practically possible to switch mosfets at this duty and what are the effects on the efficiency of the converter?
How can technology benefit athletes, sports and large-scale athletic events like the Olympics?
Interested in learning what Symbiotic Autonomous Systems are? Read the whitepaper recently released!
Why is there a provision for flexible BLER-based MCS selection in 5G NR ?
Health insurance for independent consultants in the U.S.