Has any work been done on a form of IEEE 802.3 LPI for 802.11 APs?
Opinios needed for suitable image processing algorithm for 4GB 1050ti
Is it the correct approach to solve a jigsaw puzzle using Machine Learning techniques?
Query regarding Moment Generating Function
How to desposed properly e-waste
How do you keep track of articles you've read?
Which electrical assets health monitoring systems are most widely used in South America (by vendors or types of systems)?
Can I use an autotransformer (100MVA, 230/138/13.8KV) tertiary to connet a 20MVA generator, or it has to be a three winding transformer?
What's most important for a new author to know?
Professional seeking academic guidance
How to design a PI current controller with LCL filter for a three-phase inverter grid connected ?
Is anyone provide information about impact of charging stations at long distance using heavy batteries and low distance and optimal battery weight? is efficiency depend on distance between two station for EV?
Has any work been done on a form of IEEE 802.3 LPI for 802.11 APs?
how would a person with large synthetic replacement by received within the next 5 years?
How would a person with large synthetic replacement be received in the next 5 years?
Should grad students receive payment when they publish in international journals?
Has any work been done on a form of IEEE 802.3 LPI for 802.11 APs?
How much time it takes for the first response to accept the article, acceptance and not final publication
What is the way to control robotic arm?
Should writers use unexplained acronyms to make themselves appear to be smart in their field?
How to simulate radiation pattern of the antenna integrated with Power Amplifier?
I stumbled onto the "create folder" function, when I didn't need it. Now I can't find it. From my group home page, how do I get there?
Have you read the most popular articles of IEEE Tech Focus?
How can we do revenue model?
How can I join in the power and energy society and where to join from(website name)
hi everyone, is there any discussions on Lyapunov based control of hybrid wind/pv.
Can Microsoft "One Drive" be used as the file sharing software, under the "Drive" choice? "Tags" below desn't work becuse dark screen covers th typing.
Use "One Drive" for file sharing?
Can anyone guide me the about free cloud servers for the testing of cloud robotics.
About publication
Hello, I want to work on some projects based on robotics and IoT. Is there anyone who is interested to work and also publish few papers?
Where do I ask for Collabratec features?
Where can i check my membership expiry?
Is there a coherent measurement unit to gauge how good an AI system is and to compare different AI systems?
Is television signal a multi channel and multi dimensional signal or not?
Hello everyone I am working on RF Power Amplifier. I am integrating a microstrip patch antenna with the output of the Power amplifier (i.e the drain terminal of the FET). Can anybody tell me the best procedure to match the amplifier output impedance to the input impedance of the antenna?
Will AI prove to be an essential enabler of 5G?
Should authors receive payments from their employers when they publish?
Dependance of radiation pattern on surface current and electric field on slot loaded planar antennas
IEEE Google Account
Internal Arc Classification for transformer air filled cable boxes
Have you joined the IEEE Future Networks Technical Community?
How to corelate Hot/cold cycling Reliability testing to real world use cases for plastic products?
Hello everyone. I am working on diffraction of electromagnetic waves from dielectric wedge. I want to verify some already published work where the plot of diffracted field strength have been produced by FDTD method. Now I need some free FDTD code for wedge diffraction scenario. So far I understood, these codes were written in MATLAB or in a similar software. It will be really helpful if anyone can provide me such code or suggest a source for the same.
Hello everyone, I am a master degree student and I am very interested in AI, specially image classification using neural networks, genetic algorithms etc ... I'm looking for thesis topics and ideas, what are the trending research topics nowadays ? Are there any suggestions ?
I have developed an AI based software search product for the classic car industry and I am looking for interested parties to support this start-up effort..
choose me a comprehensive book(s)
hello how are you? i need an advice please? I got the bachelor degree in electrical - electronics and communication engineering at 2008 i wanna completing the master program in communication engineering i am looking for a comprehensive book or volume that include from A to Z or (from resistor to antenna) in my language so i can make a full revision befor starting the master program i searched the web there is a lot of books and volumes please help me choosing no problem if you choose me one or tow or three books i am Puzzled
Can supercritical carbon dioxide replace steam to drive turbines?
What is the IEEE Future Networks Initiative anyway?
How to design droop control for dc microgrid
How is educating the Inuit population in the arctic region of Canada similar to the educational needs of the future?
Are you aware that the Internet Initiative has completed its work as a special initiative of the IEEE Board of Directors?
How can advocates for information and access work around Internet censorship in Africa?
What is the difference between complete and incomplete data sets?
What are the concerns of Internet Policy for Machine Learning?
Are you aware of how algorithms make decisions?
What has been the Power and Energy community's experience with Static Frequency Converters (SFC)?
Have you read the latest IEEE Global Internet Policy Monitor?
When Testing MV Cables Can more than one Cable be Tested on the same test or do they have to be done individually this is a new install
What are test case generation tools for generating test cases from Java source code?
How long will it take AI to argue with a human like one?
Have you read the latest IEEE Global Internet Policy Monitor?
To save climate change, an Invention tested, need support and cooperation. Is any agency available to help in promoting this technology worldwide?
Possible research problems in Voltage Source Converters (VSC) and Current Source Converters (CSC)
Are you aware of the most recently published Internet Technology Policy community White Paper? Now posted to the Internet Initiative Website!
What is happening with global progress on providing internet acceess to everyone?
Have you been following the Internet Governance Forum (IGF2018) that concluded in Paris last week?
Are you up to date on the exciting things happening in the IEEE Internet Technology Policy (ITP) Community?
Project ideas for PAN Wireless Networks?
Possible research areas in voltage source converters and current source converters
IOT internet of things ? How we can teach IOT in STEM Education
What is the English adopted in IEEE the british or américan.
What is your opinion about Delivery vs Payment using Blockchain applied in the financial market?
Problems with changing profile photo
Global Intelligent Cloud: Intelligent Network of Networks {Internet}: Si-Fantacy to Reality! When do U think it will happen considering current progress in the field. We r already making Artificial Super Intelligent systems like Facebook's Pro-Avtive AI for Media Regulation?
Have you read the latest IEEE Global Internet Policy Monitor?
375 million jobs may be automated by 2030. What role do technology engineers and managers play in this new global workforce?
What role does AI play in art? Is art created by AI really art? Can AI create masterpieces in painting or music?
Where to post a message regarding vintage electronic tachometer repair
Are AI professionals the new professional athletes when it comes to salaries?
what we can add more features in any technology people are facing in that technoogy or what we can create that will help people in future?
What are some beginner topics you would suggest a beginner in matlab to do a signal processing project with a visible output
Are chatbots and games the new diagnostic tool when it comes to healthcare?
Do you think the engineers get their due share of credit as compared to medical doctors?
When was the term coined Social Internet of Things?
Can a Synch Check Relay be used on a Main-Tie-Main Breaker scheme on a system that does not have any Generator?
Have a question about publishing?
Consumer Telepathy: Coming Soon? Jepsen plans to transform health care and telepathy with a cheap wearable device.
Internal Arc Classification is applicable to LV
Will AI prove to be an essential enabler of 5G?
Are you up to date on the exciting things happening in the IEEE Internet Technology Policy (ITP) Community?
Have you read the latest IEEE Global Internet Policy Monitor?