Mr. Clifford Gerhard

Engineering Simple Solutions for Complex Problems
San Clemente, California, USA IEEE Orange County Section
Cliff Gerhard is a third generation Electrical Engineer with years of technical experience. His broad experience gives him the tools to tackle the most challenging designs. Cliff is analytical, organized, and has a firm grasp of engineering fundamentals.
Special Skills

Technical Specialities

Generation 3 Engineering with experience in the following specialties: Power Supplies / Battery Chargers, Medical Instruments, Aerospace, Data Acquisition, Telecommunications, Lighting Equipment / Ballasts, Laser Electronics, RF and Wireless Systems, Automotive Systems, Magnetic Design, Motor Control, Microprocessor Hardware and Firmware, Programmable Logic, Data Communications, Printed Circuit Board Layout.

Additional Specialities

Electrical Engineering: Math and Analysis [MathCAD,Excel] Circuit Simulation [PSpice, Microcap, LTSpice, TINA-TI, SwitcherPro, EE-Sim] CAD [Altium, OrCAD, PADs, Allegro, Expedition] MCU Assembly Language [Microchip, Atmel, TI, Intel/Philips 8051]. Mechanical Engineering: [Solidworks, AutoCAD]


Professional Engineer

Technical Expertise

Analog Design
Digital Design
Systems Engineering
Power Supply Design
Hardware, General
Consumer Electronics
Analog circuits
DC-DC power converters
Field effect transistors
Power supplies
Power transistors
Tolerance analysis
Generation 3 Engineering, LLC
Bachelor of Science
Engineering , 1990
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Employment Preferences
  • Employment Type: Consultant
  • Desired Salary: Not Applicable
  • Travel: None
  • Willing to relocate: No
  • Available for International Assignments: No
  • Commute: 50mi