Dr. Robert Peruzzi Life Senior IEEE Volunteer

Bethlehem, Pennsylvania , USA  •  IEEE Lehigh Valley Section
Mixed Signal Electronics and Expert Witness
Technical Expertise
Simulation and Modeling
IC Design
Expert Witness
Forensic Engineer
Special Skills
Technical Specialties
Licensed Professional Electrical Engineer (PE). Expert Witness: Forensic Investigation, Circuit Analysis, Patent Analysis, Intellectual Property (IP), Patent Infringement. ICs, Modules, and Electro-Mechanical Systems, Requirements and Specifications. Electronics Consultant: Design Verification (DV) and Behavioral Modeling, UVM, Real-Number Modeling (RNM), Radio Frequency (RF), Analog and Mixed-Signal (AMS) Semiconductors, Integrated Circuits (IC), and Systems-on-Chip (SOC). Computer Aided Design (CAD) Tools: Cadence and Mentor Graphics, System Verilog, Real-Number Modeling, Verilog-AMS, Verilog-A, VHDL-AMS. MATLAB, Simulink and HDL-Coder. Self-checking test-cases, Verification-plan-driven modeling approach, System-level design exploration, Executable design specs
Additional Specialties
Experienced Forensic Engineer and Expert Witness. In my technical consulting practice, I create behavioral models using System Verilog (SV) with Real Number Modeling (RNM) for UVM Design Verification (DV), and with Verilog (-AMS) or VHDL (-AMS). I use Cadence or Mentor Graphics schematic and simulation tools, including Virtuoso, AMS-Designer, Spectre, ADMS. These CAD tools run in the Unix or Linux platforms. From time to time I write programs in C, or Perl, or Make. For certain assignments I also use Matlab tools including Simulink and HDL-Coder.
R. Peruzzi Consulting, Inc.
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    Consultant, Contract Employee
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Lehigh University
Doctor of Philosophy
Engineering , 2005
Lehigh University
Master of Science
Engineering , 1996
Northeastern University
Bachelor of Science
Engineering , 1988