Richard Ness Senior Member

San Diego, California , USA  •  IEEE San Diego Section
Technical Expertise
Electromagnetics, including EMI, EMC and EMP
Power Supply Design
New Product Development
Hardware, General
Technical Writing
Special Skills
Technical Specialties
Pulsed power and high voltage engineer focused on pulse generators, power supplies, and rep-rated modulators to deliver high voltages (kV and MV levels), at both high peak powers and high average power levels (up to kW and MW). Specializing in power systems using solid-state switching and magnetic pulse compression for applications such as gas discharge lasers. Solid-state, magnetic, line-type, and hard tube modulators for driving a variety of loads including high power RF devices (klystrons, magnetrons), plasma loads (flashlamps, arc lamps, corona generators, e-beams, arc generators, etc.). Marx generators, blumleins, and pulse transformers to obtain voltage multiplication. Custom pulse generators with IGBT, SCR, MOSFET, spark gap, thyratron, ignitron, and vacuum tube switching. Pulse forming network design and pulse shaping. Resonant, pulse charging, phase control, and high frequency switching charging systems and power supplies. High power electronics and power supply design. High voltage and pulsed power diagnostics and control/interlock/interface electronics. Mechanical design and packaging for minimum size and weight. Thermal modeling, analyses, and predictions. Thermal management and cooling design using forced air/water. Printed circuit board design and layout for high voltage and power applications. Electric field modeling for high voltage insulation and component design using QuickField FEA software.
Additional Specialties
Well versed with QuickField and COSMOS FEA software for Electric Fields analysis or thermal modeling. Adept at Micro-Cap or PSpice for electric circuit modeling and simulations. Experienced at Auto-CAD for mechanical design and detailing, various programs for Printed Circuit Board design and layout, and MATLAB and ORIGIN for data analysis and graphing.
Chairman of the Board/President/CEO
Ness Engineering, Inc.
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    Consultant, Contract Employee
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    Not Applicable
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    Not Applicable
Texas Tech University
Master of Science
Other , 1983