N Walker

Circuit design, analysis, and troubleshooting. High reliability without costly overdesign.
Special Skills

Technical Specialities

Low-cost commercial, rugged industrial, safety-critical medical, and high-reliability military: we've done it all. Analog and power design is our specialty, including all the bells and whistles as required: EMP/lightning, ESD, EMI, noise control, grounding, compliance (IEC, UL, CSA, CE, FDA, etc.) --- the works. We also help our customers troubleshoot and solve problems in existing products. Our Design Analysis Handbook and Design Master software have been used throughout the world to create highly reliable electronics and electromechanical products.

Additional Specialities

Developers of the Design Master(tm), practical and easy-to-use tolerance analysis software, including risk assessment, probabilities, sensitivities and optimization. Our companion resource, �The Design Analysis Handbook: A Practical Guide to Design Validation� (N. Edward Walker, Revised Edition, Butterworth-Heinemann, 1998, ISBN 0-7506-9088-7), offers design engineers and managers immediately useful, meat-and-potatoes techniques for achieving design validation by analysis, in an easy-to-read style. "...a book that should be on the shelf of every digital or analog electronic-system designer." - Frank Goodenough, Electronic Design. Available at our web site (www.daci-wca.com) and Amazon.com.

Technical Expertise

Analog Design
Power Supply Design
New Product Development
Servo/Control Systems
Instrumentation and Controls
Electromagnetics, including EMI, EMC and EMP
Chairman of the Board/President/CEO
Univ of South Florida
Bachelor of Science
Other , 1968
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Employment Preferences
  • Employment Type: Consultant, Contract Employee
  • Desired Salary: Not Applicable
  • Travel: None
  • Available for International Assignments: No
  • Commute: Not Applicable