Dr. Michael Sidman

Helping people make complex products and systems work
Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA IEEE Pikes Peak Section
Special Skills

Technical Specialities

<br><strong>Dr. Mike Sidman</strong> has 40 years of design experience, specializing in the design, simulation and control of electromechanical and mechatronic systems and consulting to companies worldwide. He received a Ph.D. from Stanford, is the named inventor on 18 U.S. patents and author of numerous technical papers. He is a member of both the IEEE and ASME. Dr. Sidman pioneered disk drive and digital control system technology. <br><br><strong>TECHNICAL CONSULTING: </strong><br> Dr. Sidman provides consulting on interdisciplinary design issues. His customized product simulation models help optimize performance and robustness.<br><br><strong> ON-SITE COURSES:</strong><br> > Digital Servo Systems Short Course<br> > MATLAB and SIMULINK Training Courses<br>Dr. Sidman's experience in both product design and applied research brings a practical perspective and interdisciplinary approach. <br><br><strong>EXPERT SERVICES:</strong><br> Dr. Sidman provides expert witness and technical consulting services in intellectual property and technology related litigation. He is experienced in providing patent infringement and invalidity analysis, expert reports, and deposition and courtroom testimony.

Additional Specialities

On-Site Matlab/Simulink/Toolbox Training Courses.


Engineer in Training

Technical Expertise

Servo/Control Systems
Simulation and Modeling
Analog Design
Expert Witness