Michael Mccullough

Real-Time and a Whole Lot More!
Londonderry, New Hampshire, USA IEEE New Hampshire Section
I am currently President and CEO of RTETC, LLC. RTETC provides training and consulting services related to embedded systems software including the VxWorks, Linux, QNX and LynxOS operating systems. Our Linux training courses are also regularly scheduled through the IEEE Boston Section.
Special Skills

Technical Specialities

The developers at RTETC have quite literally decades of experience in Embedded Systems development using a large variety of operating systems such as Embedded Linux, VxWorks, QNX, LynxOS and TargetOS as well as custom Embedded Systems applications software. Our developers have worked on a wide assortment of both Military and Commercial platforms on PowerPC, MIPS and ARM architectures. RTETC has the in-depth knowledge of Board Support Package (BSP), Device Driver and Embedded Systems Applications development that you simply can't find anywhere else. The Embedded Training instructors at RTETC are practicing software developers who know what it is like to develop Real-Time Embedded Linux and Android applications with real-world constraints. Our instructors provide a wealth of actual personal experience and practical knowledge to their instruction that you simply can't find in a textbook or online.

Additional Specialities

Linux Desktop, Eclipse-based Development, Embedded Linux and Android development, Eclipse-based IDEs including Android ADT, Wind River Workbench, Green Hills MULTI, CodeWarrior, Montavista DevRocket, Timesys Timestorm. Compiler tools include standard GCC/G++, Android development tools.

Technical Expertise

Embedded Systems, Hardware, Software and Controls
Software, General
Application Software
Diagnostic Software
New Product Development
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Software Engineer
Analog Devices, Inc.
Boston Univ
Master of Science
Computer Sciences and Information Technologies , 1995
Boston Univ
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Computer Sciences and Information Technologies , 1990
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