Mr. Mark Montrose Life Senior

Santa Clara, California , USA  •  IEEE Santa Clara Valley Section
EMC Made Simple
Consultant specializing in Electromagnetic Compatibility design, analysis, testing, troubleshooting and training with nearly 43 years of applied engineering experience. Long time past member of the IEEE EMC Society Board of Directors, First President and Founder of the IEEE Product Safety Engineering Society, and Past Member of the IEEE Board of Directors (Division VI Director, 2009-2010). Mark is the author of five popular textbooks on EMC as well as having published numerous technical papers and Journal articles. His client base is worldwide in addition to being assessed to ISO/IEC 17025:2017 as an EMC test laboratory for in situ testing of industrial products.
Engineer in Training
Technical Expertise
Electromagnetics, including EMI, EMC and EMP
Circuits and Printed Circuit Design
New Product Development
Systems Engineering
Safety, Hazards and Risk
Special Skills
Technical Specialties
Montrose Compliance Services is a low-cost, full service regulatory compliance firm specializing in Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) and industrial product safety. Product categories include Information Technology, Industrial, Scientific and Medical products, semiconductor manufacturing equipment plus any type of light/heavy industrial systems in addition to troubleshooting difficult problems along with low-cost mitigation. Internationally recognized expert and trainer in printed circuit board design and layout to achieve signal integrity and EMC compliance. Author of five popular textbooks that includes EMC testing and troubleshooting as well as printed circuit board layout and system design. In-house seminars are provided on multiple aspects of EMC design engineering as well as PCB layout on a worldwide basis. Assessed EMC test laboratory (ISO 17025) for CE approval of industrial products as well as SEMI S2. Past member of the IEEE Board of Directors (Division VI Director:2009-2010), Past president and founder of the IEEE Product Safety Engineering Society, current member IEEE EMC Society Board of Directors, Member-Systems Council Board of Director, popular Past Distinguished Lecturer for IEEE EMCS, Senior member of IEEE. The company's registered trademark is EMC Made Simple, the title of the principles consultant's newest book.
Montrose Compliance Services, Inc.
Santa Clara University
Master of Science
Other , 1983
California Poly State Univ-San Luis
Bachelor of Science
Engineering , 1979