Margaret Chock

If your problem's so complicated it would take a PhD in Computer Science to sort it out, I'm available!
Santa Monica, California, USA IEEE Coastal Los Angeles Section
Special Skills

Technical Specialities

Forensic Consulting: IT project failures, software intellectual property, data theft, other issues. System development: requirements analysis, planning, vendor analysis, project management, development, test,

Additional Specialities

Access, APL, Assembler, BASIC, C, COBOL, Excel,FORTRAN, PL/I, ArcView, Avenue, Genasys, GDS, IGOS, Access, dBase, Knowledgeman, Oracle, SQL, MVS, VM, VMS, UNIX, PRIMOS, DOS, Windows, Mac, CP/M


Certified Management Consultant

Technical Expertise

Expert Witness
Business Planning
Project Management
Simulation and Modeling
Databases and Data Management
Business Applications
Application Software
Data acquisition
Data processing