Mr. Larry Nelson Life Senior IEEE Volunteer

Webster, Massachusetts , USA  •  IEEE Worcester County Section
Making Technology Work for You
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    +15089431075 (Work)
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Professional Engineer
Technical Expertise
Embedded Systems, Hardware, Software and Controls
Analog Design
Digital Design
Instrumentation and Controls
Expert Witness
Embedded Systems, Hardware, Software and Controls
Special Skills
Technical Specialties
Expert in Microchip Pic microprocessors and embedded systems design. Certified Platinum Level Master Consultant for Microchip. Design and coding of assembly language and C firmware for embedded systems. Design of analog systems and subsystems including low level instrumentation. Design of custom electronics and firmware for use with Basic Stamp from Parallax. Design review, analysis, and troubleshooting. Conduct design reviews. Forensic and Expert Witness consulting (DFE). Testified on root cause of equipment failures, fires and accidents. Provided reports on failure analysis for legal and insurance clients. Subject matter expert for electrical and electronic cases including water coolers, temperature controllers, fans, and industrial equipment. Creation and presentation of custom training courses and seminars. Licensed Professional Engineer (PE) in Ma. Created aftermarket add-on's for Automotive and motorcycle markets as well as recreational vehicles. Designed custom lighting systems.
Additional Specialties
Firmware development using C, Basic, and Assembler. Full support of all Microchip compatible software including C compilers, Basic compilers, Assemblers, and MPLABS. Parallax Basic. Schematic capture and PCB layout with KiCad, Protel, PADs and Orcad. Simulation with various Spice packages. Full Lab facilities including design, prototype build and test. NAFE Board Certified Diplomat (DFE)
Alliance of IEEE Consultants Networks Coordinating Committee
Member Activities Council
Alliance of IEEE Consultants Networks Coordinating Committee
Pre-College Education Committee
Member services
Alliance of IEEE Consultants Networks Coordinating Committee
Professional activities
Alliance of IEEE Consultants Networks Coordinating Committee
Tolerance analysis
Circuit analysis
Circuit optimization
Chairman of the Board/President/CEO
Nelson Research
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Worcester Polytechnic Inst(WPI)
Bachelor of Science
Engineering , 1980
Worcester Juniot College
Associate of Science
Engineering , 1977