Mr. Kurt Aronow

Hello! I have been practicing engineering since 1981 doing analog, digital, FPGA, and power electronics. In 2008, I founded Redgarden Engineering LLC, a small consulting company in Boulder, Colorado ( We have a team approach to most projects, so I'm able to do both electronics design and management for many of the projects. Projects applications have been for various medical devices, scientific and industrial instruments, and for use in space; many projects have also involved photonics. FPGA work includes both Verilog and VHDL. I am big on clarity in specifications and documentation including schematics and test plans. I have assisted writing various grants and have also done technical patent analysis. I have a Master of Engineering degree from CU/Boulder (1991) and a BSEE from UT/Austin (1981). I am a licensed professional engineer (PE) in Colorado.