Kenneth Arnold

Innovative Cost-effective Technology Solutions
Poway, California, USA IEEE San Diego Section
Summary: - SDIEEE Executive Committee - Consultant, Author, Entrepreneur, and Engineer - Embedded Computing and Communication Product Development Expert - Biomedical Device Engineering - Strategic Advisor and Technical Consultant - Founder, CEO or CTO of SD Area Tech Firms - Engineering Consultant - Engineering Management - Educator Qualifications - Unique and Innovative Solutions to Difficult Problems - Adept at Written and Verbal Technical Communication - Demonstrated Ability to Herd Technical and Business Professionals - Technical: Med Tech, Low Power Wireless Data, Power Scavenging and Battery Energy Management Embedded computing and wireless data communication - Product development - Risk Assessment and Technical Reviews Business management and Technology consulting - Mitigation of Adverse Technology Problems like end-of-life ICs Academic program development - Embedded Computing - Digital and Analog Circuits - Wireless Communication and Signal Processing
Special Skills

Technical Specialities

Ken's technical specialties include: Medical and biotech device development, electronic problem solving, extreme low power, power scavenging and battery powered wireless digital systems, DSP, FPGAs, VHDL, Verilog, Mixed Signal ASIC design, high speed digital, FO / optical, LVDS and other differential signalling, SerDes, high reliability embedded system hardware, worst case analysis, Embedded programming, RTOS, uC/OS, formal methods, contracts, high reliability software, Languages: C and derivatives, SPARK, Matlab. Other expertise: higher/continuing education instructor/professor, educational content creator, technical communication, technical writing, technical proposal writing, technical project planning and management.

Additional Specialities

Programming: Embedded C, uC/OS RTOS, Matlab, Forth, VHDL, Verilog. Networking: embedded TCP/IP-UDP. CAD tools: Altium, OrCAD, Autocad. FPGA and HDL: VHDL, Verilog, Xilinx ISE/Vivado, Microsemi Libero.

Technical Expertise

Analog Design
Digital Design
Electronic Components
Embedded Systems, Hardware, Software and Controls
Test Equipment/Systems
Biomedical electrodes
Biomedical engineering
Biomedical electronics
Biomedical equipment
Biomedical measurement
Biomedical telemetry
Distributed vision networks
Embedded computing
Wireless sensor networks
Embedded computing
Embedded multicore processing
Embedded software
Embedded system
Embedded systems
Inductive charging
Wireless communication
CMOS technology
Flip-chip devices
Embedded systems
Ubiquitous wireless*
Wireless LAN
Time-varying channels
Wireless sensor networks
Wireless ad hoc network
Wireless charging
Wireless communication
Machine-to-machine communica
Inductive charging
Dynamic spectrum access
Wireless mesh networks
Wireless sensor networks
Wireless systems