John Ross Senior Member

Moab, Utah , USA  •  IEEE Utah Section
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    +18013595957 (Work)
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    John Ross
    3282 Vallejo Cir, Moab, Utah 84532-3514 USA (Home)
Professional Engineer
Technical Expertise
Electromagnetics, including EMI, EMC and EMP
Broadcast, Radio and Television
Simulation and Modeling
Analog Design
Special Skills
Technical Specialties
Consulting engineer in applied electromagnetics, antennas, RF, microwave, and radar. Involved in everything from R&D, design, simulation, prototyping, testing, production, cost reduction and IP / patent analysis efforts. Experience in military, aerospace, automotive, medical and consumer electronics sectors. Licensed and insured with all the tools of the trade; including simulators, computers and RF/microwave lab. Entrepreneur capable of assisting startups and SMB customers with technology planning, partnering, market strategy, capitalization, IP, security, and so on. Numerous peer reviewed publications and patents.
Additional Specialties
Deep experience with Remcom X-FDTD, Numerical Electromagnetics Code (NEC), Basic Scattering Code (NEC-BSC), FEKO, Spice, and XOOPIC (particle in cell simulator). Competent programmer in Fortran and Visual-Basic, some knowledge of C, Python, Java and others. Developed custom analysis software (including GUI) for EM simulation, waveform analysis, optimization, and instrument control via GPIB. Knowledge of various CAD tools such as Rhino, AutoCAD and others. Competent systems administrator with Linux/Unix and Windows. Security knowledge in encrypted e-mail, full disk encryption, virtual machines, network security, firewalls, HIPPA compliance, etc.
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    Consultant, Contract Employee
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    Not Applicable
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    Not Applicable
Michigan State University
Engineering , 1992
West Virginia Univ
Master of Science
Engineering , 1987
West Virginia Univ
Bachelor of Science
Engineering , 1984