Mr. Jeffrey Fischer Life Senior

San Diego, California , USA  •  IEEE San Diego Section
Expert Witness in Wireless, Wired, Systems, Circuits
Wireless Solutions Architect covering a wide array of technologies including OFDM, Single Carrier, RFID (passive, BAP, Active, and NFC), RTLS, WLAN, CDMA, LTE and other Spread Spectrum and single carrier technologies. Engineering and Product development with strong technical sales support, technical business development, and customer facing solutions design. Ability to design and develop to strategic initiatives and execute market development and revenue generation support. New technology development and commercialization experience includes leading overall system designs down to physical, MAC and control layer, authentication transactions, signal processing, location finding, asset tracking, and general communications techniques and all forms of analog, digital, RF circuit and protocol design, as well as standards work, IP work, managing product teams, and working with customers to achieve their application and sales goals.
Technical Expertise
Analog Design
Digital Design
Embedded Systems, Hardware, Software and Controls
New Product Development
Expert Witness
Systems Engineering
Special Skills
Technical Specialties
Expert witness experience includes more than 30 cases split across plaintiff and defendant, IPRs, contract disputes, and licensing. Includes infringement, invalidity, technical damages, alternative technologies, prior art searching, evidence of use, code review Software, hardware, Verilog, RTL, VHDL, claim charts, IPR declarations, technical contract disputes and licensing. Consulting in technical architecture, design, system analysis, circuit and product design, software design, intellectual property, patents, expert witness. Technology areas include RF, wireless data and voice, RFID (passive, BAP, Active, and NFC), RTLS, LAN/WiMax, ZigBee, cellular, LTE, UWB, CDMA, OFDM, MIMO, SC-FDE, and other narrowband and spread spectrum technologies. Expertise spans analog, digital, RF circuit design and operation, including microcontrollers, microprocessors, digital interfaces, memory, and all scales of integration; antenna design, protocol design, software designed radio, security and authentication, asset tracking, real time location, multipath processing, signal processing, regulatory and standards. Key Career Work & Achievements - �Co‐Patented foundation technology in 802.11b (used in over 1 Billion WiFi chipsets sold/year) �Co‐chair of RFID EPC Gen2 Working Group; also participated in harmonizing ISO 18000‐6C standard with EPC Gen2, FCC, ETSI, MIC �Developed industry leading multi‐protocol WLAN/WiMax, bridging, backhaul� �Six years at MIT Lincoln Lab developing high bandwidth signal processing for advanced packet radio networks
Additional Specialties
Technical expertise spans analog, digital, and RF circuit and filter design, antenna design, complex modulation and demodulation, signal processing, microcontrollers, multiprocessing, firmware, digital interfaces, C, Verilog, RTL, HDL, air protocol and MAC design, wireless networking, security and authentication, asset tracking, real time location, multipath processing, signal processing, homologation, regulatory agency and standards issues.
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    Consultant, Contract Employee
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Cornell University
Master of Science
Engineering , 1980
Cornell University
Bachelor of Science
Engineering , 1979