Mr. Eric Ryherd

Wireless RF Z-Wave Consultant for Internet of Things (IoT) embedded devices
Hollis, New Hampshire, USA IEEE New Hampshire Section
Expert consulting services for Internet of Things (IoT) products utilizing the Z-Wave wireless RF mesh protocol. Embedded firmware architecture, development, testing, training, certification and in-depth guidance on the best practices to build reliable Z-Wave devices are my specialty. My expertise also includes maximizing battery life, navigating the complex cross dependencies of various Z-Wave command classes, antenna tuning for maximum range, developing manufacturing solutions that minimize cost, and providing software development and debug tips and techniques. I have resources available for PCB design and layout as well as industrial design and 3D printing to help visualize the entire IoT product quickly. My experience in Z-Wave based IoT products extends from 2003 using the early Sigma Designs 100 series chips thru today's fifth generation 500 series RF modules. I can guide and train your team or prototype and complete the entire product development to match your schedule.
Special Skills

Technical Specialities

Eric Ryherd has been passionate about home automation since the early X10 days of the 1980s. Eric is an expert in the Z-Wave protocol and can help architect, implement and train your team to design, code and build practical and manufacturable Z-Wave enabled devices. There are many nuances of the Z-Wave protocol that make reliable operation in real-world installations difficult. Eric can help get your Z-Wave product to market quickly with his experience gained from using Z-Wave for over 11 years. Consulting Services: Z-Wave system architecture and product development, Customized Z-Wave training, New product Command Class selection and support, Accelerate debug with advanced debugging techniques, Z-Wave compliance pre-testing with the CTT, Real world tool usage: CTT, Zniffer, microlinkRF, Keil C51 compiler/IDE Embedded C programming and architecture; . . . Antenna tuning and range measurement . . . Z-Wave traffic analysis and recommendations, Low-power circuit design and battery life analysis, Product functionality testing, Manufacturing programming and testing solutions, Cypress PSoC single chip capacitive touch or serial IO solutions.

Additional Specialities

Z-Wave Wireless RF Mesh Networking Expert - IoT Devices - Hardware - Firmware - Antennas. . . Skills: Wireless RF: Z-Wave 900MHz radio mesh-network architecture, hardware, firmware & training Architecture: IoT devices, low-power, low-cost, highly-manufacturable product development Firmware: Embedded C expert using 8051s to ARM to PSoC, Python Manufacturing: Production Test platforms/jigs, PCB design, Industrial Design, 3D printing Business: Bootstrap funding, manufacturing outsourcing, team building, patent review, expert witness Product Development Tools Owned: - Sigma Designs Z-Wave licensee - Mfg ID #0x001E (30th licensee) - Agilent N9912A 6GHz Spectrum Analyzer (SA) and Vector Network Analyzer (VNA) - Agilent DSO6032A 300MHz oscilloscope + 16ch MSO - Eagle PCB CAD - schematics and board layout - Keil PDK51 - 8051 C compiler/IDE & Cypress PSoC Creator - MarkerBot-Mini 3D printer & Sketchup Pro - Assorted power supplies, DMMs, microscopes, solder tools, FLiR thermal camera, temperature probes

Technical Expertise

Instrumentation and Controls
Test Equipment/Systems
Circuits and Printed Circuit Design
Consumer Electronics
Embedded Systems, Hardware, Software and Controls