Douglas Datwyler

BSEE. P.E. license in Utah. IEEE WCP (Wireless Communication Professional). RF/wireless, analog, digital, microcontrollers, computer interfaces, AC motor control. Member NSPE. Member Order of the Engineer. FCC GROL with RADAR endorsement. FCC Extra class amateur license. Microchip Design Partner.
Special Skills

Technical Specialities

Electrical engineer with extensive experience in electronics circuit and system design. Design and troubleshooting of circuits with analog, digital, and RF and wireless devices. Assist in developing the product requirements, and work from those requirements to design a shipping product. Component engineering, schematic capture, PC board layout, and prototype debug. Write embedded device firmware in C. Work with contract manufacturers to move the products to production. IEEE WCP Certificate. Utah Professional Engineer license. FCC general radio telephone operators license with RADAR endorsement. FCC Amateur Extra Class license. Advise concerning product global regulatory requirements.

Additional Specialities

EAGLE Schematic and PC board design tools, C compilers and debug tools for embedded microcontrollers, SPICE and other analog design and analysis tools, C, C#, Word/Excel/PowerPoint/Project, programmer's editors, NI LabVIEW, MATLAB


Amateur Extra Class license
Microchip Design Partner
Professional Engineer
Wireless Commun. Pro. (WCET)

Technical Expertise

Digital Design
Analog Design
Circuits and Printed Circuit Design
Embedded Systems, Hardware, Software and Controls
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Computer applications
Computerized monitoring
Electrical engineering computing
Information technology
Biomedical computing
Electrical engineering
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Electrical engineering computing
Computer applications
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