Dr. Donald Wells

Radar Systems Analysis
Long Beach, California, USA IEEE Coastal Los Angeles Section
Donald Wells has over 30 years of radar and ocean physics experience. He was an early pioneer in the use of radar to detect targets on or near the ocean surface due to scattering anomalies from short Bragg wavelength ocean capillary and gravity waves. He also has many years of experience in system engineering for surveillance applications of space based synthetic aperture radar, SAR.
Special Skills

Technical Specialities

Dr. Wells� experience in radar includes a wide variety of radar types, platforms, frequency bands, configurations and applications ranging from the NASARR (North American Search and Ranging Radar) Monopulse terrain avoidance radar, TPQ-37 Hughes S-band Battlefield Radar, Navy Point Defense radar phenomenology, IBM Passive Surveillance System bistatic radar, AEW radar to airborne and space borne SAR Synthetic Aperture Radar with emphasis on performance, phenomenology, and calibration. Wells� radar experience is supplemented by several unclassified investigations including the discovery of anomalous scattering of long wave infrared radiation from high clouds affecting surveillance sensors and proof of concept testing for the propagation of HF ground waves over the ocean surface for communication between mother ships and smart buoys. Wells� career included years at Hughes Aircraft, Raytheon (formerly Hughes), Technology Service Corporation, Arete and the Boeing Company.

Additional Specialities

Visual Basic, Excel, Fortran, Basic


Professional Engineer

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Simulation and Modeling
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