Donald Galler Life Member

Bedford, Massachusetts , USA  •  IEEE Boston Section
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Technical Expertise
Failure Analysis
Consumer Electronics
Forensic Engineer
Consumer Electronics
Power Supply Design
Instrumentation and Controls
Special Skills
Technical Specialties
Consulting Engineer. Forensic Engineering. Patent Investigation, Expert witness, Forensic engineering, Electrical testing, Electrical fire investigation, Product liability, Motor drives, Welding power supplies, Maglev, Magnetic field analysis, Transient voltage suppression, Inverter power systems, Traction power, High current power supplies, Induction motor analysis, Minimization of losses in AC and DC Drives, Stray Current, Railway power systems, Harmonic measurement, Television, Microwave oven, Toaster oven, VCR, Radio, Heater, Electrical Contacts.
Additional Specialties
Scientific Data Processing, Plotting and Analysis. Scanning Electron Microscopy, Xray radiography, CT Scanning. Visual Basic, C , Assembly Language, Python, Java.
Member of Technical Staff
Massachusetts Inst of Technology
B. Haslam, D. Galler, and T. W. Eagar, "Fire Technology Magazine," Failure of Fractional Horsepower Ventilation Fan Motors, no. 4, 2018.
B. Haslam, D. Galler, and T. W. Eagar, "Fire Technology Magazine," Fire Safety of Grounded Corrugated Stainless Steel Tubing...., 2016.
Edited by Perry Martin and , "Electronic Failure Analysis Handbook (Contributor - chs 14,15,16,18)," 1999.
University of Connecticut
Master of Science
Engineering , 1979
Northeastern Univ (China)
Bachelor of Science
Engineering , 1976