Mr. David Connor Member

Hollis, New Hampshire , USA  •  IEEE New Hampshire Section
Product development consulting. Specializing in FCC, CE product certification, safety and EMC, and interfacing with certifying agencies.
Over 30 years' experience in technology development and product design for global distribution. Skilled in evaluating complex technical issues and delivering practical solutions. Primary expertise is in product development for global distribution. President, Striper Solutions LLC Providing engineering consulting services to commercial product and equipment manufacturers. Whether you are facing an EMC issue, need help navigating product certification, or need help with product planning, Striper can help. Striper Solutions LLC: Bridging the gap between innovation and execution.
Technical Expertise
New Product Development
Hardware, General
Project Management
Safety, Hazards and Risk
Quality and ISO-Related
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Technical Specialties
Striper Solutions provides product development consulting services, including: Product Consulting: Proposals, specifications, design, root cause failure analysis, shipping shock and vibration profiles and testing, thermal shock profiles and testing. Engineering Process: product development process, regulatory process, reliability, ISO process. Product Innovation: management consulting, technical review, proposals, manufacturing review, DFM. Regulatory Compliance: electrical safety, mechanical safety, EMC.
Chairman of the Board/President/CEO
Striper Solutions LLC
V.P. Engineering/Director Engineering
ECRM Imaging Systems
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    Consultant, Contract Employee
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Southeastern Massachusetts University
Bachelor of Science
Engineering , 1987