Craig Goldman

Programming devices to be well-behaved
Westborough, Massachusetts, USA IEEE Worcester County Section
Creator of reliable firmware for device which must work.
Special Skills

Technical Specialities

Craig Goldman develops microcontroller-based firmware from customer specification for research, consumer, medical and industrial products. Projects completed in the recent past include water meters, medical monitoring, home thermostats, industrial temperature control, small motor tester, lottery ticket dispenser, and a home health care appliance. Craig Goldman also recently completed firmware for an IEC61508 Functional Safety factory sensor and controller.

Additional Specialities

Experienced user of IAR and Keil Integrated Development Environments (IDE) for MSP430 and ARM M0, M3 and M4 microprocessors; Microchip MPLAB X environment for PIC24 processors; PC-Lint and MISRA C Static Code Analysis.

Technical Expertise

Embedded Systems, Hardware, Software and Controls
Instrumentation and Controls
Process Controls
Reliability and Availability
Safety, Hazards and Risk
Member of Technical Staff
CoAutomation Inc
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Employment Preferences
  • Employment Type: Consultant, Contract Employee
  • Desired Salary: Not Applicable
  • Travel: None
  • Available for International Assignments: No
  • Commute: Not Applicable