Mr. Clifford Gerhard

Engineering Simple Solutions for Complex Problems
San Clemente, California, USA IEEE Orange County Section
Cliff Gerhard is a third generation Electrical Engineer with more than 29 years of technical experience. His broad experience gives him the tools to tackle the most challenging designs. Cliff is analytical, organized, and has a firm grasp of engineering fundamentals.
Special Skills

Technical Specialities

Generation 3 Engineering with experience in the following specialties: Power Supplies / Battery Chargers, Medical Instruments, Aerospace, Data Acquisition, Telecommunications, Lighting Equipment / Ballasts, Laser Electronics, RF and Wireless Systems, Automotive Systems, Magnetic Design, Motor Control, Microprocessor Hardware and Firmware, Programmable Logic, Data Communications, Printed Circuit Board Layout.

Additional Specialities

Electrical Engineering: Math and Analysis [MathCAD,Excel] Circuit Simulation [PSpice, Microcap, LTSpice, TINA-TI, SwitcherPro, EE-Sim] CAD [Altium, OrCAD, PADs, Allegro, Expedition] MCU Assembly Language [Microchip, Atmel, TI, Intel/Philips 8051]. Mechanical Engineering: [Solidworks, AutoCAD]


Professional Engineer

Technical Expertise

Analog Design
Digital Design
Systems Engineering
Power Supply Design
Hardware, General
Consumer Electronics