Mr. Bryan Weaver

Helping You Power Your Future
West Chester, Pennsylvania, USA IEEE Philadelphia Section
Special Skills

Technical Specialities

Dr. Weaver specializes in the Design, Development, Analysis, Troubleshooting and Integration of Power Electronics, Analog and High Power RF systems. His expertise ranges from DC to UHF at power levels from watts to megawatts: High Power * High Voltage * High Current * High Frequency * AC-DC * DC-DC * DC-AC * DC-RF * Power Factor Correction * Resonant Converter * Soft Switching * Regulator * Feedback Analysis * RF Power Amplifier * RF Power Supply * Analog * IGBT * MOSFET * Triac * Rectifier * Vacuum Tube * Tetrode * Triode * Failure Analysis * Reliability Analysis * Monte Carlo * Worst Case * Signal Integrity * Power Semiconductor Device Modeling * Magnetics Design * Electromagnetics * Expert Witness * Patent Prosecution and Litigation * Industrial * Scientific * Military * Medical

Additional Specialities

SPICE, MATLAB, Mathcad, Excel

Technical Expertise

Power Supply Design
Signal Conditioning
New Product Development
Expert Witness
Analog Design
Simulation and Modeling
Failure Analysis
High Power Solutions LLC
Drexel University
Doctor of Philosophy
Engineering , 2011
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Employment Preferences
  • Employment Type: Consultant, Contract Employee
  • Desired Salary: Not Applicable
  • Travel: None
  • Available for International Assignments: Yes
  • Commute: Not Applicable