Brent Horine

Providing Clarity in a Nonlinear World
Saint Louis, Missouri, USA IEEE Saint Louis Section
Special Skills

Technical Specialities

Dr. Horine consults in communication system architecture, design, and analysis. Particular focus areas include power amplifier linearization, crest factor reduction, OFDM (LTE, WiMAX), WCDMA, chaos waveforms, and MIMO. He can contribute in algorithm development, simulation (Matlab, Simulink, System Generator), implementation (hardware and software incl. FPGA, VHDL, GPU, CUDA, C++), and test. He also researches cognitive radio networks in blind link rendezvous and argumentation based negotiation in allocating resources.

Additional Specialities

C++, VHDL, CUDA, Java, SQL, Python, Matlab, Simulink, System Generator

Technical Expertise