Arthur Keller Life Senior

Palo Alto, California , USA  •  IEEE Santa Clara Valley Section
Experienced advisor to leading edge startups and accomplished expert witness on patent infringement cases.
Technical Expertise
Expert Witness
Databases and Data Management
Software, General
Networks - LAN/WAN - Other
World Wide Web
Special Skills
Technical Specialties
Dr. Keller serves as an expert witness on patent infringement cases and as advisor to startups. He has testified at trial, deposition, and Markman tutorial. He has also been a non-testifying expert. He has written reports on infringement and validity for plaintiffs and on invalidity and non-infringement for defendants. His expertise includes databases, Internet and electronic commerce. In a recent case on database systems, he succeeded in getting the case dismissed in a motion for summary judgment following a favorable Markman ruling. This dismissal was mostly affirmed on appeal, with the one remaining issue later resolved. In a recent e-commerce case, he was responsible for one out of the three patents in the suit, and succeeded in getting this patent ruled invalid. In this same case, he testified on the invalidity of another of the patents in suit. While the jury found that this patent was valid and infringed, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit's ruled that the patent was invalid based on his article.
Additional Specialties
Software tools are used only as part of software forensics practice.
University of California Santa Cruz
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