Dr. Alan Vayda

AI and Data Science Consulting
Special Skills

Technical Specialities

Consulting practice specializing in data science, informatics, data mining, big data, statistics, computer vision, pattern recognition, artificial intelligence, and data management. Application areas include chemicals, transportation, defense and intelligence, document processing. Roles include independent work, research collaboration, and the leadership of software development teams. Projects include exploratory research, technology development, software development, and the delivery and support of operational systems. Additional specialty in assisting customers with the development of government proposals. Responsibilities include storyboarding, organizing, writing, editing, formatting, graphics, project planning, budgeting, forms, and proposal team management. Customers vary in size from startups to Fortune 500 companies and proposal scale varies from SBIRs under $100K to large projects over $100M. Experience with funding agencies including: Army, Air Force, DARPA, DOD, DOE, DOT, Transportation Research Board of the National Research Council, NIST, and USPS.

Additional Specialities

R, Lisp, Prolog, Perl, Python, Java, C, C , SQL, Oracle, Access, Unix, Linux, MacOS, Windows.

Technical Expertise

Databases and Data Management
Software, General
Technical Writing
Application Software
Chemical Engineering and Fluids