IEEE Kenya Section Cocktail and Officials Handover
Speaker Event - Controlling Future Power Grid With Intelligent Endpoints
2 nd ExCom Meeting 2017
Silver-Indium and Its High Temperature Electronic Applications
2015 Applications and Innovations in Mobile Computing (AIMoC)
February 2017 - Industry Applications Meeting - Fundamentals of Synchronous Motors
2015 IEEE Seventh National Conference on Computing, Communication and Information Systems (NCCCIS)
2015 National Conference on Recent Advances in Electronics & Computer Engineering (RAECE)
Iowa DOT Traffic Management Center Tour
ComSoc Kolkata Chapter: Student Paper Contest 2016
ComSoc Kolkata One day seminar : Industry Participation
ExCom Meeting
Executive Committee Meeting - IEEE Chile Section
Reunion de directores IEEE Seccion Panama
Reunion de directores IEEE Seccion Panama
Board of Directors Election
Introduction to Modern Web Development
Sponsored Speech
Petnica Summer Institute: Machine Learning
Internship Development Programme
Invitation: Extended IEEE Morocco Committee meeting, saturday 4th of March 2017,Rabat
4-day Workshop on Telecommunication and Future Technology : ComSoc Student Chapter activity
ComSoc Kolkata Chapter Third Execom meeting
2015 5th National Symposium on Information Technology: Towards New Smart World (NSITNSW)
IEEE PES Fort Worth Monthly Meeting - March 21st
CIS-IEEE ExCom Meeting
CIS-IEEE ExCom Meeting
Adventures with IEEE
2017 Tampa Bay Engineers Week Banquet - ASHE
2017 Tampa Bay Engineers Week Banquet - ASME
2017 Tampa Bay Engineers Week Banquet - HDR
2017 Tampa Bay Engineers Week Banquet - Duke
2017 Tampa Bay Engineers Week Banquet - DRMP
2017 Tampa Bay Engineers Week Banquet - Mosaic*
IEEE PES-IAS Lecture at IIT Delhi :Dr. Krishna Shenai
¿Pueden los datos ayudarme a aprender?
SW MO IEEE Section Meeting - 1 Mar 2017, Dr. Ian Ferguson Speaker
Incident Response - The First 48
Deep learning: the rebirth of neural networks
17th International Conference on Power Electronics and Motion Control
Application of Microgrids and Distributed Generation
2015 IEEE International Conference on Signal Processing, Informatics, Communication and Energy Systems (SPICES)
2015 2nd International Conference on Signal Processing and Integrated Networks (SPIN)
High Tech Merit Badge POW-WOW
IEEE Delhi Section 40th Anniversary - YP Track
Distinguished Lecturer Talk: Smart Antennas for Satellite Communications on the Move
February 2017 WIE Teleconference Meeting
Technical Seminar: ​Fusing Large-Signal Active Circuits and Novel Passive Structures for Next-Generation Mm-Wave/THz Broadband Power Amplifiers and Transmitters​ by Dr. Hua Wang
IEEE Internet of Things (IoT)
IEEE North Jersey Section EXCOM meeting - Newark, NJ
Sparsity and Beyond: Modern Strategies for Magnetic Resonance Image Reconstruction
IEEE Dallas 2016 Awards Gala
Space Science in San Antonio
2015 IEEE Underwater Technology (UT)
Conversatorio WIE liderazgo y crecimiento académico a estudiantes
2nd Utah Power and Energy Forum
1st Utah Power and Energy Forum
U.S. Energy Policy and Technology, Utility Regulatory Responses and Reliability Planning: Opportunities and Challenges
Engineering Week Celebration Banquet
Smartphones as Anywhere-Anytime Processing Boards for Laboratory Courses: From C/MATLAB to Smartphones
IEEE OC CyberSecurity Monthly (Feb 22, 2017) Technical Talk
IEEE SMC Italian Chapter Seminar Series: "Exploiting Internet of Things and Edge Computing for the creation of Smart Environments"
The Right to be Forgotten Privacy or Censorship?
Electromagnetic Environmental Effects in the Military
Huntsville IEEE YP Event
Reliable and Secure Microgrid Solutions
Certified Training on Management System Standards
2015 International Conference on Electronics, Communications and Computers (CONIELECOMP)
2015 International Conference on Computing Communication Control and automation(ICCUBEA)
2015 IEEE 4th Portuguese Meeting on Bioengineering (ENBENG)
2015 2nd International Conference on Electronics and Communication Systems (ICECS)
Life Member Presentation and Meeting
Development of a Return on Investment Model for Implementation of LIDAR on Wind Turbines
Leadership Camp 2017
E-week Outreach Middle/High School students Robotics Demo
CIS-IEEE National Engineers Day at The Children's Museum of Indianapolis
IEEE Twin Cities Section Student Project Showcase
Officer Leadership Training - South Area
Meet Your Future Challenges with LabVIEW
Louisville Bats Baseball Game
STEM for Her: Funding Girls Education Initiatives for Future Success
SPS Lecture by Dr. Jie Liu on "Low-Energy and Flexible GPS Sensing Through Cloud Offloading"
IEEE Iran Section ExCom meeting on March 1, 2017 (Esfand 11,1395).
The 14th Learning and Technology International Conference - The MakerSpace: from Imagining to Making! February 27-28, 2017
Baton Rouge April Meeting
Essential Notes: How to get published with IEEE
Engineer In Training Night
Rochester Section EXCOM meeting
Linear analysis of power systems in the presence of black-boxed simulation models
IEEE ComSoc/SP and EMBS/CS Joint Chapters - Austin, Presentation on "A System of Systems Framework for Autonomy, Big Data Analytic, Machine Learning and Cloud Infrastructure"
Rochester Section EXCOM meeting
AP/MTT Antenna Design Workshop
Purdue Rare Isotope MEasurement (PRIME) Lab Tour
Reunión Nacional de Ramas Costa Rica
2015 IEEE 11th International Colloquium on Signal Processing & Its Applications (CSPA)
Reunión Regional R9 "Latinoamérica y el Caribe"
2017 International Conference on Informatics, Health & Technology (ICIHT)
International Conference on Informatics, Health & Technology (ICIHT) Overview