2016 International Conference on Smart Cities (ICSC)
2016 IEEE 5G Summit - Kuwait
2016 IEEE Big Data Initiative Workshop (BDIW3)
2016 International Conference on Applied Computer and Communication Technologies (COMCOM)
2016 6th IEEE International Conference on Broadband Network & Multimedia Technology (IC-BNMT)
2016 IEEE Smart Tech Signature Event - Birmingham, UK
2016 IEEE International Conference on Imaging, Vision & Pattern Recognition (ICIVPR)
2017 Digital Media Industry & Academic Forum (DMIAF)
2017 IEEE 36th Symposium on Reliable Distributed Systems Workshops (SRDSW)
2017 Fourth International Conference on Digital Enterprise and Information Systems (DEIS)
2017 Seventh International Conference on Digital Information and Communication Technology and Applications (DICTAP)
May 2017 ICX Release - ICX Test Do Not Process
2017 IEEE Second International Conference on Computer Graphics, Vision and Information Security (CGVIS)
2016 Third International Conference on Computer Graphics, Multimedia and Image Processing (CGMIP)
2016 13th Annual Conference of Society of Brain Mapping & Therapeutics (SBMT)
Advanced Continuous Test Automation
2016 First International Conference on Micro and Nano Technology, Modelling and Simulation (MNTMSim)
SF PES / SCV PV Joint Chapter Meeting Special - Technical Presentation February 17 2016
IEEE Houston Section - Ex Com Meeting
IEEE NSS Computer Chapter - JavaScript Tutorial - Part 1
Power Electronics, Industrial Applications
IEEE Delhi Section Lecture on Fundamental Principles of Self Excited Induction Generators
"Evaluating hazards in critical software-dependent systems"
WIE North Jersey Section Get together
IEEE Houston Section - Ex Com Meeting
On Quadcopter Control
Tutorial on I&C Cabinet Power Systems Application and Selection Criteria for Surge Suppression and Power Supplies
Tutorial on I&C Cabinet Power Systems Application and Selection Criteria for Surge Suppression and Power Supplies
Hands-On Campus Workshop - Acquiring Measurements With NI LabVIEW and NI DAQ Hardware
First Year Networking Event
Spending time with Nature
The State of Reliability in our Bulk Power System
Washington Section Administrative Committee
Current Interruption in Atmospheric Air
Traffic Related Event Detection
EMV Messverfahren
Asamblea anual del Capítulo de Potencia y Energía Costa Rica
Middleware: Una oportunidad de desarrollo para los Ingenieros en Computación. Conceptos y Aplicaciones.
Coding & Cupcakes- Grades K-3
Filosofía de la Tecnología. Una Introducción.
How to Supercharge Performance at Work Using the New Science of Management
EMBS Seminar: Aeroshot: Inhale a cup of coffee in 10 seconds!
Current scenario and challenges in the analysis of multitemporal remote sensing images
IEEE Signal Processing in Medicine and Biology Symposium (SPMB15)
Modern Methods for Microwave Filter Synthesis
Ameriprise Financial Presentation
Development and Implmentation of a Versatile Real-Time Traffic Monitoring System Using Wireless Smart Sensors Networks
IEEE EMC Society Meeting November 5, 2015. Hunan Manor Columbia, MD
2015 IEEE Thirty Fifth Central American and Panama Convention (CONCAPAN XXXV)
Introducción a la Robótica Industrial y la Nanorobótica
IEEExtreme Programming 9.0 Nicaragua
World Automation Congress, Puerto Rico
Fuel Cell Power Benifits
Washington Section Administrative Committee
IEEE Phoenix Section Exevute Committee Meeting
ANSYS Presentation: State of the Art of High Frequency Simulation
"Recent Innovations in Automotive Electronics and Computer Systems"
2015 IEEE 6th International Symposium on Microwave, Antenna, Propagation, and EMC Technologies (MAPE)
2015 International Conference on Biomedical Engineering and Computational Technologies (SIBIRCON)
2015 International Conference Oriental COCOSDA held jointly with 2015 Conference on Asian Spoken Language Research and Evaluation (O-COCOSDA/CASLRE)
2015 12th International Conference on Ubiquitous Robots and Ambient Intelligence (URAI)
Power Amplification for Wireless Base Transmit Systems
HTML5 game engine and Construct 2
IEEE PES-IAS Technical Talk: Review on FACTS Devices
2015 Prognostics and System Health Management Conference (PHM)
2015 10th International Microsystems, Packaging, Assembly and Circuits Technology Conference (IMPACT)
OpenPOWER, A Catalyst for Open Innovation
2015 International Conference on Science in Information Technology (ICSITech)
Pre-ExCom Social Networking Dinner
North Saskatchewan Section (NSS) Welcome Back BBQ
Hamilton - Executive Meeting
2015 IEEE 12th International Conference on e-Business Engineering (ICEBE)
2015 Great Lakes Regional Conference 9 (GLRC9)
IEEE Phoenix Section Annual Banquet 2016
Black Hills - Executive Committee Meeting (2015 Oct)
CH08337 on VT06/AESS10/IT12/COM19
OpenPOWER, A Catalyst for Open Innovation
Quantum Computing (Dawn or Yawn)
Quantum Computing (Dawn or Yawn)
NECEC 2015
IEEE WIE Germany Section- Regional Meeting Berlin
2015 20th Microoptics Conference (MOC)
Strengths & Loading Calculations for Wood Pole Lines Seminar (NESC)
Earth Science Informatics: An Overview
2015 International Conference on Smart Grid (ICSG)
Big Data & Software Defined Radio
Denali: Flightseeing Meets History
Experiencia de la acreditación ABET desde el evaluador
Suffolk County Septic Demonstration Program
R&D in State Key Laboratory of Electrical Insulation & Power Equipment of China
IEEE Networking Breakfast
Talk: Dr. Andy Thomas: Atomic layer deposited HfO2-based magnetic tunnel junctions
IEEE Columbia Section's Holiday Social in Columbia
Tech Talks, Careers in Engineering, Sciences, and Mathematics
Seeing is Believing
IEEE Pikes Peak ED/CAS Chapter Presentation on Solid State Cameras
Fourth Execom Meeting of IEEE PES-IAS Delhi chapter
The Classical and Consequential Control Composition Conversation