Data Protection Specialist, System Analyst
CTO & Founder - Infosec With Experience Mayor implementation of Biometric Control System, Integrated Border Management solutions, Passport / personal biometric document production. Protection of most valuable assets by promoting best in class standards - round the clock - and all around globe. Award winning support, immediate incident response, projects built upon solutions that customer do understand. Founder and chairman of ETalc Technologies, inc. (ML Analytics, VROfficespace), leading vendor in real time Biometric analysis from video feeds, AFIS / ABIS Systems, Deep learning, social profiling, behaviour predictions, incident, accident and crime prevention technologies and risk scoring. Fraud prevention and analysis. General Data Security. 15 years of experience in Government Sector, Public Services both Enterprise, Medium and small sized customers. Previously: Chief Technology Officer, CS Networks, RoutoTelecom More at: https://www.certic.info
ISO 27001 Information Security Internal Auditor
ISO/IEC 27001 Information Security Lead Auditor
Cert Info Sys Sec Prof (CISSP)
Technical Expertise
Information Security
Cyber threat intelligence
Digital Forensics
Infosecurity Audits
Systems Analysis
Special Skills
Technical Specialties
Cryptography, Information System Analysis, Security Assessments, Breach Investigation, Applied deep learning in biometric analysis, Mobile Network infrastructure, Public Key Infrastructure systems (PKI).
Data protection
Information security
Data security
Computer security
Data security
Communication system security
Computer crime
Computer security
Data protection
Operating systems
Computer security
Biometrics (access control)
Security management
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