ENG Oleg Gradov

senior researcher, Semenov Institute of Chemical Physics, RAS [https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Oleg_Gradov]
Moscow, Moscow, Russian Federation IEEE Russia Section
Oleg V. Gradov is the leader of the Biophysical Instrumentation Group at the Tal’roze Institute for Energy Problems of Chemical Physics (Russian Academy of Sciences), working in the Laboratory of Biological Effects of Nanostructures. His recent works are focused on lab-on-a-chip design for multispectral multiparametric mapping, ERD-SBGN-mapping of biological samples, chemometric microscopy, and spectroelectrochemical and electro-morphological techniques for biomembranes and neural structures. Oleg has founded some novel trends in analog biomedical engineering and quantitative microscopy. He is the author of 140 journal papers and 90 conference papers and seminar reports before 2018, and an editorial board member of 10 journals. His group's recent grants include: “Development of the novel physical methods for complex biomedical diagnostics based on position-sensitive mapping with the angular resolution at the tissue and cellular levels using analytical labs-on-a-chip”.
Special Skills


Cryo-Electron Microscopy (MIPT)
Natural Products (Certificate of Completion, NIBR)
Bioinformatics (Certificate of Completion, NIBR)
Femtosecond Biomedical Technologies at THz Spectral Range (ITMO)

Technical Expertise

Czech Science Foundation
Research Institute of Agricultural Mechanization
M.A. Kartsev Computing System Research and Development Institute (NIIVK, JSC)
Kinetik Foundation
Bakulev Scientific Center of Cardiovascular Surgery
Deutsche Industrieforschungsgemeinschaft Konrad Zuse
Acoustoelectric devices
Surface acoustic wave devices
Shape memory alloys
Analog circuits
Microwave circuits
Biomedical equipment
Biomedical microelectromechanical systems
Molecular biophysics
Biomedical monitoring
Biomedical engineering
Chief Engineer/Chief Scientist
Russian Academy of Sciences
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O. V. Gradov and F. K. Orekhov, "Multiple Projection Laser Microscopy in the Ulbricht Integrating Sphere (MPLM-UIS) using lens-less microscopes with CCD and CMOS (active-pixel) sensors, including angle sensitive ones.," Morphologia, vol. 13, no. 2, pp. 81 - 93, 2019.
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