Mr. Joseph Castagna

JVC Consulting and Engineering Services
Miami, Florida, USA IEEE Miami Section
With over three and a half decades in the electrical power generation domain in the military and the civilian arenas, domestically and internationally, completing manufacturer coursework with certifications, state licensing, and distributor training courses while currently working on a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering has provided insight into the most complex systems in which many rely on for their day to day operations to continue without interruption. Providing this insight on a one-on-one basis to the end users of these systems to maintain compliance and seamless operations is the primary objective of the services offered.
Special Skills

Technical Specialties

Regardless of geographical location or industry, each organization has unique operations to meet the demands of its customers. Organizations and society demand an endless supply of electrical power irrespective of how it is generated. The continued and growing demand for reliable power brings into question what each organization, each individual, must face asking themselves the most demanding question; "What happens if there is an interruption in power? Will we be sitting in the dark? Then what? Has the right equipment been purchased? Has the equipment been maintained? Has the equipment been properly tested? Has the regulatory compliance of the local Authority Having Jurisdiction been met? How long until the power comes back on?"

Additional Specialties

The fact is that power interruptions continue to exist regardless of environmental, geographical, or political events. Each decision-maker or end-user must consider what can be completed to reduce the impact of such an event. More importantly, what steps have they completed to minimize the effects of a power interruption? The engineering services provided focus on a seamless operational goal for each client to mitigate the disruption. These solutions are compliant with each jurisdiction to meet the clients' regulatory standards and insurance requirements. The goal is to keep each organization or end-user accident-free and compliant.


Caterpillar Electrical Power Generation
Caterpillar Parallel Application and Switchgear
Caterpillar 3406 Overhaul
Caterpillar 3208 Maintenance and Overhaul
Caterpillar Diesel Injection Fuel Systems
Caterpillar G3500 Landfill Applications
Caterpillar G3600 Landfill Applications
Caterpillar G3600 Master Mechanic
Chevron Bay Area Refinery Safety Overview
Clarke Fire Pumps
Cummins Power Command 2100 with CAN LINK
Detroit Diesel Electronic Controls III/IV
ExxonMobil Los Angeles Refinery Safety Overview
Generac Power Systems manufacturer product certification
State of California General Electrician
Woodward Introduction to Control Fundamental Theories and Terminology
Woodward Digital Synchronizer and Load Control
Woodward Master Synchronizer and Load Control
Caterpillar G3600 Lean Burn Engines
State of Florida Class A CDL

Technical Expertise

Acceptance testing
Automatic transfer switches (ATS)
Critical power systems
Co-generation systems
Critical infrastructure vulnerability analysis
Electrical engineering
Emissions and regulatory compliance
Fuel systems and storage
Motor control systems
Programmable logic controllers (PLC)
Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA)
Uninterruptible power supplies (UPS)
Consulting services
Expert witness
Subject matter expert (SME)
Commissioning systems
Co-generation systems
Critical infrastructure protection
Critical infrastructure vulnerability analysis
Emergency power system management and compliance
Emission and regulatory compliance
Equipment and system grounding
Facility evaluations
Infrared (IR) thermography
White papers
Engineering services
Third party evaluations
International Electrical Engineering and Consulting Services
Backup and Emergency Power Systems
Generator Sets
Portable generators
AC generators
AC machines
AC motors
AC-AC converters
AC-DC power converters