ENG Giulio Campagna

Ph.D. Fellow in Human-Robot Interaction
Born the 3rd of May 1995 in Siena, Italy. Received B.S. degree in Computer and Information Engineering in 2018 from the University of Siena with a thesis entitled "Experimentation on Real Video of Systems for Object Detection". Received M.S. degree in Computer and Automation Engineering - Robotics and Automation in 2021 from the University of Siena with a thesis entitled "Commanding Grasping Robot through Virtual Reality and Simulated Wrenches". PhD fellow at Aalborg University with the research group Human Machine Interaction. The actual research is focused on automatic trust assessment in human robot interaction through machine learning techniques and sensorial data. In MIT's report of March 2018, Aalborg University was considered to be the fourth best university in the world within engineering. This equated to a first place among universities in Europe.
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Aalborg University
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